Patience Training (10)

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“Tonight I will be gentle, since last night was quite heavy and emotional for you,” He said when I stood on the spot He has indicated.

I only nodded.
He put the rope around my neck and then pulled my hair out from under the rope. He tightly pulled the rope down, making a knot at the height of my breasts and then another knot just below my navel. The rope was pulled between my legs and ran towards the back between my buttocks. Another knot was put in it and then He ran the rope through the loop around my neck. He pulled the rope tight, pulling it tight between my legs and around my neck. My hands were tied caught up in the ropa and tied behind my back. He looped the rope around to the front, just under my breasts and then to my back again, where He tightly knotted the rope.

A carbine hook was placed on the rope. The leash on the carbine hook was attached to a hook on the side of the wardrobe. I was facing a dark corner of the room. He left the room, switching the light off, leaving me in the dark.

Horniness engulfed me. The rope was tied very tight and pressing hard against my clitoris. If I moved my hips or my head, the rope moved in such a way that it almost stimulated my erect button. It felt so damn good and yes, I could not stand still. I was horny and I wished that I could reach my clitoris. All I could do was to move my hips, feeling the pressure, feeling the movement and craving for more. And wait. Wait for Him to come back and help me towards sweet release. I knew that I was getting wetter by the moment; that I was torturing myself with my movements, but I could not stop.

Back in the room, He ordered me to sit on the side of the bed and open my legs. I gladly did. He stood between my legs and exposed His hard cock for me to take in my mouth. I did. I sucked Him, enjoying it. But also enjoying the feeling of the rope still pressing against my clitoris and against my ass. This made me even hornier. After some time He pulled His cock from my mouth and ordered me to stand and spread my legs. He pulled the two strings of rope apart and exposed my wet pussy and erect clitoris. It did not take long for the first orgasm to overwhelm me. I was grateful for His permission to climax.

“Lie on the bed, spread your legs wide and make yourself cum,” He ordered. This was an order I gladly executed. I was so horny! I so wanted to climax over and over again. More orgasms followed and with each one I told Him that I am His whore. Each time I said it, I felt hornier. He lay down beside me and His hand took the place of mine. More orgasm followed.

A content sigh escaped my mouth when He slipped one finger into my ass. It was not enough. I asked for more. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to be filled. I put my hand on my clitoris, rubbing hard.
“I am so horny,” I said as I looked at Him.
“I can see that,” He said.
I begged Him to finger-fuck my ass harder. He did. I looked in His eyes as the big O overwhelmed me.

I straddled Him and felt Him entering me while I was still very sensitive inside. Satisfied and content, I felt His cum spurting deep inside me.

After this tenth night training His orders for me were to rest, to mentally prepare for the next training…

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