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This part was written in the first week of October:

In the same week that conflict hit me and I decided that I should just be happy with what I have and not long for more, I have also decided that I am going to stop asking my Husband when I would receive a new task. The reason for the latter is that every time I asked for it or hinted at it, I was not sure whether my Husband really wanted to give me a task – that He might have given me the task only because I asked. Deep down I knew that this was not the case, because my Husband will never allow anyone (including me) to push Him into anything. So deep down I knew that when He gave me a task, it was because HE wanted to and not because I asked. But still, even knowing this, it always leaves me with an unsatisfied feeling.

In the same week of my conflict, my Husband surprised me by giving me a task that I had to carry out within 24 hours. It had to be done at my work. When I received His mail with the instructions, my mood changed so very quickly. I was happy and smiling for the rest of the day. It felt like the first time He gave me a task without me asking for it. It felt so very good!

Then, on the day I had to perform the unexpected task, I received another email from my Husband. He told me that very soon I will have another daily task. I would have to wear my butt plug for at least two hours every day. I would be allowed to choose the moment I want to wear it, be it after dinner and wearing it until bedtime or whether I choose to wear it when we go shopping. As long as I wear it for at least two hours every day.

This had me thinking.

Will this be a daily task I will enjoy? Will I not start to develop an aversion to wearing my butt plug? I love the feeling of the plug in my ass. I love the full feeling it gives me. I love to feel the wetness in my pussy when I wear my plug. But do I want to feel this every day? Will I not go numb to the effect the plug normally has on me? In other words, will I just get used to wearing it and not go wet anymore or get horny because of wearing the plug?

Since I was still waiting for Him to tell me when I should start this daily task, I dared to discuss it with Him. I told Him about my doubts, about wondering whether the plug will soon not be special anymore. He thanked me for my honesty and at the same time told me that He wants me to wear my plug frequently. However, He was willing to re-think how frequently I will have to wear the plug. He also warned me that He might decide that I will have to wear the plug daily anyway.

After two weeks – yes, He really had to think about it deeply – He told me that I would have to wear the plug on three days of the week. First of all on the Wednesday: as soon as I came from my work and changed into my painting clothes, I would have to insert the plug. This meant that I would be wearing my plug at painting class every week. Then, both on Saturday and on Sunday I would have to wear the plug. Normally on both these days in the mornings I am busy in the house and then I take a shower in the early afternoon. Once I am showered, my plug would have to go in and I would have to wear it until bedtime.

My Husband told me that this is the minimum of times I will wear my plug. There might be other days where I will get an order to insert my plug, whenever He sees fit. He wanted my ass to be ready to be used at all times. The plug must help to get and keep it ready.

As said, the above was written in the first week of October. Lots of things have happened in the meantime, involving me getting sick, being sick for quite some time and also occupied with visitors and family stuff. Then came the moment when my Husband gave me my first training. And in the meantime, today will be the last day of my second training. This second training involved the training of my ass – to make sure that my ass is ready to be used at all times. It was in the beginning of this training that He told me that I will have to wear my plug every day when I get home from work and on weekends or days off from work I have to ask what time He wants me to insert the plug.

Where two months ago I had my doubts, this time I did not. I had no problem at all with wearing my plug every day – not the idea of it, neither doing it. I obeyed Him without doubting this task for one moment. Something must have happened in the weeks since He first mentioned it and the moment when it became one of my standing orders. I know there will be days when I hate the plug, but even now already it happens that I feel a bit empty if I am not wearing it.

And who knows what fun things might still happen to my ass… and who will be allowed to have fun with it!

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