Interrupting A.S.S. Training

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (5)

We were involved in a discussion on twitter – a discussion about how a Dom was punishing His sub. People voiced their opinions and it was clear that there were two camps. I had enough of it and wanted to go to bed. I knew that the next part of my training was awaiting me and strangely enough I was more or less looking forward to it, even though I knew it might also involve some discomfort or pain. I told Master T that I was logging off. He glanced at the clock – it was a quarter to midnight.

“Indeed,” I said, “it’s late already, so we better go upstairs.”
By then my laptop was shut down. I was just about to put it away when He spoke.
“We will go right to sleep when we get upstairs.”
I looked at him, shocked. It was written all over my face: I am not happy with this.
“Why?” I asked, sounding angry, although I only felt disappointment, not anger.
“Because it’s late.”
I did not answer him. I stood up, put my laptop away, took our glasses to the kitchen, grabbed my bag and walked towards the door. Normally I wait until He is done and then we go upstairs together. At the door I turned and look at him.
“Why did you say that?” I asked. I actually wanted to say that I am disappointed, but I could not.
“Because it’s late. But I understand that you want your training to continue?”
“Just leave it,” I said, turned around and went upstairs, leaving Him downstairs.

I heard Him come up the stairs just as I went into the bathroom. In the bathroom I stood leaning against the sink, thinking about my behavior. I was disappointed, yes. But I was also surprised by my own reaction. I was looking forward to the training and it being postponed to the next evening disappointed me. And it made me act like a defiant child.

The flogger and rope were on the bed when I entered the bedroom. Unlike normal training nights when I walk into the bedroom wearing only my gown, I was now wearing my pajama. Seeing the rope and the flogger I felt more defiance welling up in me.
“Undress,” He said. I did not obey.
“Continuing the training now makes me feel as if I am the one calling the shots, as if I am the one deciding what we should do,” I said, but immediately felt as if I was not getting my point across, so I continued.
“It feels as if you are only continuing because of my reaction.”
“Undress and put your plug in.”
I sat down on the bed with my back turned to him, not moving. I sat there for several minutes. He did not say anything but patiently waited for me to make a move. With rebellious movements I took my pajama off and took the plug from my dressing table. With my back turned towards him, I quickly inserted it. I did not move.

“I want you on your knees, over here,” He said sternly.
I walked towards the spot He indicated. I was still upset and it was still written all over my face and showing in my body language. I kneeled, facing the bed. He tightly tied my hands to the knob at the foot end of our bed. The rope was wound around my body and around my neck and tied behind my back. I had some room to move, but not much. He took a box from the closet and my heart sank to my feet. Clamps!

The clover clamps were put on my nipples. I hated it the moment He put it on me. They hurt so much. The chain between the clamps was run through the iron on the foot end of the bed. This meant that I had to stay close to the bed if I did not want the clamps to pull on my nipples. When the flogging started I had no idea how I could not yank on the chain between the nipple clamps. I don’t know how many times the flogger touched my ass. I felt the tears, but was still fighting him.
“You have disappointed me tonight,” He said, “you acted like a child that was denied some candy. And no, you will never be the one who decides what happens. I make the rules. I decide. You obey. And if I decide that you have an evening off from training, then you obey. I will not tolerate defiance.”

I nodded. He pulled on the chain of the nipple clamps and I moaned.
“Your behavior called for some corrective actions,” He continued. With this the flogger started working again. It took quite some while before He stopped and spoke again.
“All I expect of you is to obey. You do understand that, don’t you?”
I nodded. I cried. He sat down on the recliner behind me.
“Why are you crying?” He asked.
“Because I am disappointed.”
“In myself. Because of my behavior. And because I disappointed you.”
He was quiet.
“I’m sorry,” I almost whispered.

He stood up, promising me that when He came back, the punishment will continue. It did. The flogger colored my ass red. The clamps hurt on my nipples each time I moved. My knees were hurting from being on them for too long. He hooked His thumb on the chain of the clamps and then continued to flog me. This was too much. Tears filled my eyes as I moaned and begged for Him to stop. However, He continued for some time before He untied me, pulled me up and hugged me tight. Again He told me that He expects full obedience from me, that He would always protect me, that He decides what is good for me and what not.

“The training will continue tomorrow evening. Not Saturday, but Sunday will be the last day of the training. Now, let’s go to bed.”
I fell asleep lying very close to him. Content. Tired. I knew I had made my point. I also knew that the point He made was more important than mine.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (6)

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