From 2011 to 2012

In many ways 2011 was a beautiful year… a year in which many things happened:

  • I admitted being submissive and committed to submit to my Husband;
  • My Husband collared me and had me marked as His;
  • I had Japanese clover clamps on both my nipples and my labia for the first time ever, sometimes even at the same time;
  • I discovered that I am quite the anal slut;
  • I learned quite a lot about my sexual self and continue to learn;
  • I noticed that I expand my boundaries very quickly and my Husband sometimes had to slow me down;
  • I experienced my first sub-drop;
  • I fell deeper in love with my Husband than I already was;
  • I became addicted to twitter;
  • I met some wonderful people on twitter – people I consider to be my friends, even though I have not met them;
  • I am awed at the success of my blog – all made possible by all you wonderful readers of my blog. Thank you!!!

In 2012 I look forward to:

  • Spending many nights away from home with my Husband – something we have never done before;
  • Perfecting my submission;
  • Meeting some twitter friends  – I wish I could meet all of them, but unfortunately not all of them live in the same country as I do;
  • Being involved in any kind of sexual encounter my Husband wants me to be in – be it with another man, another woman or both;
  • Having sex with a woman;
  • Just being happy!

© Rebel’s Notes

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