A.S.S. Training (5)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (4)

Early in the evening He told me that I would have an easy training. I noticed that He was very tired, but I had the feeling that, no matter what, He would not skip one night of the training. He even said that He might decide to make it a ‘normal’ training anyway, depending on how He felt.

I had been wearing my butt plug all evening and I could feel that my pussy was constantly wet. Somehow the plug just has that effect on my body. I love the stimulation it gives me. sometimes, as I sit on the couch, I deliberately move around just to feel the plug in my ass.

By the time we went upstairs, I wondered whether He felt well enough to make it a normal training or whether it would be an easy one. It was an easy training… for him.

Back in the bedroom He told me to put my bigger steel plug in my ass. I did, while He watched me.
“You have to keep it in for half an hour,” He said.
“That’s it?” I asked.
I grabbed my phone, checked some apps, checked twitter, and watched some television and all the time I waited for the time to pass. I thought that it would be easy, but I had a dilemma. The plug was not as comfortable as my njoy plug and after ten minutes I was already checking the clock to see whether I could take it out. This was one part of my dilemma. The other part was that I was horny. I really wanted Him to touch me, but I did not know how to ask him. I have so much difficulty to ask Him to touch me, or to fuck me. I tried to make it clear by spreading my legs a bit, but He did not notice.

Or He did notice but decided that I should be patient. The first training was all about patience. Maybe He was just trying to remind me of that?

I was happy when the half an hour was over. I took the plug out and felt empty. I snuggled close to Master T and felt a twitch in my pussy. The same horny feelings I felt that morning when I was on my way to work, thinking about the training of the night before, took hold of me all over again. I pressed my thighs together and rocked my hips a bit, enjoying the sensation it gives me. My nipples reacted too – hardened. I looked at Master T and saw that His eyes were closed. I remembered that He said He was tired and decided that I should go to bed too.

I was looking forward to the training of the next night, even though I had no idea what would await me…

To be continued… Interrupting A.S.S. Training

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