A.S.S. Training (4)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (3)

On Sunday morning I asked Him what time I had to insert my plug. His answer was: as soon as your friend leaves. My best friend would be over for a visit and for me to help her with her new nipplecharms, as she just could not get the knack of putting them on her nipples. Then she called to tell me she was sick and would only be visiting me a week later. He changed His instructions to 5pm. My friend normally leaves roundabout 6pm, I said, and all He said was “5pm.”
I had to bite the inside of my cheek not to respond again.

* * * * * * * * * *

He was waiting for me with the rope in His hand when I entered the bedroom. The flogger was on the bed. I had my njoy plug in my hand. He told me that I could put it back in its box.
“You can put that one in,” He said.
I looked at him, not understanding what He was saying. He pointed at my dressing table and there on the corner stood the larger butt plug. The same one I had in the evening before. I sighed inwardly. The previous night I did not like the feel of the plug, but I knew better than to protest. I lay down on the bed, my back turned to Him so He could watch as the plug slipped into my ass. I took my time, making sure the plug was comfortable. And yes, I knew He liked watching me when I insert the plug, so I made sure He could see all of it.

“Stand at the bottom end of the bed, facing the bed,” He said and I obeyed.
“Spread your legs as wide as possible,” and again I obeyed.
Both my feet were not far from the feet of the bed. He tied the rope around my ankles and wound it around the feet of the bed to keep my feet in place. Softly He pushed me forward. Then He tied the rope over my back, tying me down in the forward position. I was supporting myself on my elbows. With my legs spread, I could feel that the plug was clearly visible from behind.

His finger found my clitoris. Permission was denied when I asked, but soon after I was allowed to orgasm. He repeated this several times and each time He waited a bit longer before He granted me permission to climax. I knew that this was part of the training.
“You’ve seen the flogger. You know what will happen next.”
And sure, when He came back after about ten minutes, the flogger kissed my ass. Over and over again. But not only my ass. It also touched my pussy, although not once it was as hard as one of the previous nights. However, it did sting. After a couple of times feeling the sting on my tender bits, I begged Him to stop. He did… eventually.

The vibrator pressed against the wetness of my pussy. Slowly He started to fuck me with it. It felt good and I was allowed a couple of orgasms. A nervous feeling overcame me when He pulled on the plug. My ass felt strangely empty when He removed it. It was not empty for long. The vibrator now changed holes and slowly slipped into my ass. I felt a rush of horniness taking hold of me.
“May I touch my clitoris?” I asked.
“Go ahead,” He said. I tried my best to get to it, but the bottom end of the bed – over which I was still hanging – made it very difficult to reach myself. Frustration took hold of me. I so wanted to get to my clitoris, to feel the sensations in my body, the sensations that build up to a huge orgasm. I stretched my legs, standing on my knees and pushed my ass backwards. I tried to copy the rhythm with which the toy fucked me. I was horny! I felt slutty! I wanted to be this slut He was making of me. I am His slut!

He untied my feet and told me to lie down on the bed, on my stomach. The coldness of the lubricant felt good on my asshole and it felt even better when the vibrator slipped into my ass. I enjoyed the sensation for some time and then, without asking for permission, I touched my clitoris again. My pussy was dripping wet. I used the wetness to circle my clitoris. Master T slowly fucked me in the ass with the vibrator. I moaned hard, my face pressed into the duvet cover, when my orgasm overwhelmed me.

He did not remove the vibrator. I knew I had to stay still. The urge was to roll over, away from him, so the vibrator would slip out of my ass. But I stood still, softly moaning.
“You have to get used to this,” He said sternly. I nodded.

Later, when I was lying in His arms, He spoke to me about this. Master T told me that I should get used to being used over and over again and that it might happen that I am fucked in my ass over and over again. That then I cannot say that I don’t want anything in my ass. Part of this training was to get used to that feeling. I nodded in agreement, knowing what He said was correct. I wanted to get used to being fucked in my ass even after I had a huge orgasm. I know of only one time before that I could handle this. And I wanted something else that Master T wanted too: for me to have two orgasms from being fucked in my ass.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (5)

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