A.S.S. Training (3)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (2)

The third day of my training was a Saturday. At the breakfast table I asked what time He wanted me to insert my plug. He told me that I only had to put it in sometime in the evening. So when hours later we came home from our shopping trip, He told me that it was time. It was the third evening that I had the plug in for at least 5 hours.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just before I went upstairs, He told me that I should but my other two steel butt plugs on the bed. The one I was wearing at that moment – my favorite and a njoy plug – has a diameter of 3,2cm. My basic steel butt plug is 3,5cm in diameter but the shaft is thicker than that of the njoy.. And then there’s my jewel butt plug. It has a diameter of 4cm. I had images in my head of Him stretching my ass, using the plugs. Of Him fucking my ass with the different sizes plugs.

In the bedroom I put the plugs on the bed as instructed. I left the room to go to the bathroom. Leather wrist and ankle cuffs were on the bed when I got back in the room. I had the njoy plug in my hand and immediately noticed that the box with the jewel butt plug was not on the bed anymore.
“You can put the njoy away. Put the steel plug in your ass,” He said.

I lay down on the bed, on my side, my ass turned in His direction. I knew He wanted to watch as I put the plug in. The plug did not feel as comfortable as the njoy plug. Most probably because of the bigger shaft. With His finger – no words – He beckoned for me to stand in front of Him. He pinched my nipples hard and I moaned. His hand found my clitoris. Just as the night before, He refused to allow me to orgasm the first two times I asked. Only on the third time did He allow me.

“Lie down on your back, spread your legs.”
The spreader bar was attached to steel rings on the ankle cuffs. The wrist cuffs were clicked together in front of my body. I had my hands resting just below my breasts. Again His hands found my clitoris; again He refused me my orgasm twice and then allowed it.
“You are doing a good job keeping yourself from climaxing,” He praised me and I smiled.
“Do you know where this will touch you soon? ” He asked as He put the flogger on the bed next to me.
“My pussy,” I said.
“Good girl.”
“You have a couple of minutes to mentally prepare yourself.”

Some minutes later the flogger first touched my breasts. Not that hard, but soon I realized He was building it up. My right breast, my right upper thigh, my right front lower leg, under my right foot. My left breast, my left upper thigh, my left front lower leg, under my left foot. The flogger touched me in all these places and all the while I knew that soon it will touch the center of me. It did. A couple of times. I flinched, but the sting was not as bad as I thought it would be. He was holding back some, I was very sure of that.

Again He brought me to orgasm – refusing permission and then allowing my orgasm. Then He flogged all the same places again, a bit harder than the first time. He continued this routine. I covered my breasts when the flogger really stung it. He just continued on my legs and feet. He even pulled my pussy lips apart and repeatedly allowed the flogger to kiss my inner pink… soft enough not to hurt, but hard enough to sting a bit. His finger found my clitoris again, eventually an orgasm followed and then the flogger moved to my breasts, my legs, my feet.

“Oh my god that hurts,” I moaned as the flogger touched me dead center. Every bit of my pussy was instantly on fire. I covered my face as tears stung my eyes and turned away from Him, my back towards Him. I tried my best to stop my tears. He rolled me back and pulled my hands from my face. I allowed the tears to roll down the sides of my face. He removed the spreader bar. He removed the ankle cuffs. I was surprised to feel disappointment and a strange feeling of emptiness when the ankle cuffs were removed. The same when the wrist cuffs were removed. I longed for them, I longed for more. I wanted it to stop. I did not know what I wanted. Silently I cried, feeling more tears running down my face. I did not look at Him.

He lay down next to me and took me in His arms.
“I notice the progress in your submission,” He said and I only nodded.
“I want you to become the perfect example of a good sub. A sub others can look up to and can use as their example.”
Again I only nodded.
“You are making good progress, my little sub.”
Through my tears I smiled and snuggled into Him.

When I straddled Him and lowered myself onto His hard cock, it felt as if He was fucking me in both holes simultaneously. This time He granted me my orgasm immediately. His orgasm was a fact when my pussy muscles tightened around His hard member.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (4)

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