A.S.S. Training (2)

Continued from… A.S.S. Training (1b)

The Velcro wrist and ankle cuffs were on the four corners of the bed when I entered the bedroom. So was my collar – the punishment collar – and my slut heels. I did not ask anything and did not wait for Him to say anything, but just put my sandals on. I walked towards Him and stood in front of Him. Waiting. He pinched my nipples hard, making me moan. I put my hands over my breasts when He let go of my nipples.

“Put your hands behind your back,” He commanded.
I obeyed. He pinched my nipples again and I bent forward, still trying to protect my nipples. He pulled my nipples upward and I realized that it would hurt less if I just stood still, back straight. His hand moved down, finding my clitoris and my wetness. Soon I was asking for permission, but it was not granted. I asked a second time and still He did not allow it. Only the third time I asked, He granted me permission for an orgasm.

I was told to lie down on bed, face down. I had to spread my legs wide and stay in that position. Because of a panicking in a previous training, He was not going to tie me up until He got back, but I was not to move while He was gone. I did not. I almost fell asleep while He was out of the bedroom. Luckily I did not, because that would definitely have landed me some kind of punishment. Master T asked me to spread my legs as wide as I could. He put the Velcro cuffs around my ankles and tied them tightly to the bed. My legs were spread quite wide. The other cuffs were put around my wrists and then my arms were tied to the bed – one to each side of my body.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart,” He ordered.
With some effort – I don’t find it easy to reach behind my back when I am lying on my stomach – I managed to do so. I knew that He was watching me and again I felt horniness and a bit of humiliation. When I let go of my ass cheeks, He spread them again and I could almost feel His eyes on my asshole. I knew that more of this would follow, because this training was all about my ass. Maybe by the end of the training I might feel comfortable when He inspected my holes.

I have not seen the flogger on the bed, so I thought that He was not going to use it. But I was wrong. He got the flogger from the toy chest. The first blow landed on my ass. As did several more. The first time that the flogger touched my back, I flinched. But then I realized that it was not as stingy as it was on my buttocks. I had a feeling that Master T was holding back a bit since this was virgin territory. I appreciated this, but knew that a time would come where He would not hold back anymore. He also touched the back of my legs with the flogger, but again it was as if He held back. The flogging stopped quicker than I thought it would.

He pushed two fingers into my pussy. I was very wet, feeling my climax approaching quite quickly. I asked for permission to cum, but He refused it. The third time I asked, He allowed me my climax. This happened several times.

“Let’s get down to what this training is really about,” He said as He sat down next to me.
I felt the cold lubricant on my asshole as He spread my ass cheeks again. Master T spread the lubricant and slipped one finger into my ass. It felt good. I was relaxed and other than the night before, my mindset was good – my attention was with what was happening right then and not with something that would happen the next day. Another finger joined the first one. He turned His fingers around inside me.

He removed his fingers and I felt something else pressing against my back entrance. It was a vibrator and from the feel of it, it was one of the bigger ones. I asked Him to please go slow. Very slowly, bit by bit, my body admitted the vibrator. It hurt a bit – my ass was still a bit sensitive from the first night of training – but once it was inside it felt very good. Slowly Master T moved the vibrator in and out.

“I would love for you to fuck my ass,” I said.
“I don’t care what you want,” He said, “You will do what I want.”
I kept quiet.
“I will fuck your ass on the last night of the training,” He said.
“May I touch my pussy,” I asked.
“Yes, you may.”

Close to orgasm I asked for permission.
“No,” He said.
“Please, please may I cum?”
“Oh please, please, Sir. I cannot hold back anymore.”
“You may cum,” He said, but by the time He uttered these words my orgasm had already started. The waves of intense pleasure cut through my loins. Mostly when I have an orgasm due to anal stimulation, I want the vibrator removed. I asked Him to remove it, but he refused.
“Please Sir, please remove it,” I asked and wriggled my ass.
He held firmly on to the vibrator, keeping it buried in my ass.
“Lie still. You have to get used to this and you know it,” He said sternly.
I kept very still, trying to relax. It felt uncomfortable and I really needed it to be removed. I was relieved when He did, after a couple of minutes.

He untied me and lay down on his back.
“Sit on top of me and fuck me like the slut you are,” He said. I was still wearing my collar and did not look at Him. I straddled Him and felt Him enter me. I slowly fucked Him, moving my hips, arching my back, feeling Him moving in and out of me. He touched my sensitive insides, but before I could orgasm again, He did.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (3)

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