A.S.S. Training (1a)

Unexpectedly, it was announced. The next training. And punishment. I don’t know whether it was His intention to start the training that very day, or whether I have forced His hand.

One of my daily tasks is to wear my nipple charms. Every morning, part of my ritual while getting dressed is to put my charms on. I have gotten used to them, they are part of my routine. But they still manage to give me a warm fuzzy feeling. But sometimes the charms hurt. On this specific morning I discovered that it was because of the bra I was wearing. Somehow my nipples were flattened by the bra in a weird way and the charms almost cut into my flesh. It has happened once before that I had a bleeding nipple and I did not understand where it came from. When on this specific morning I discovered that the charms were about to cut me, I took them off. I knew I should not, but decided that I would tell Master T about it immediately and I was confident that He would understand.

To say the least, He was not amused!

It took some time before I got mail back from Him (yes, we were both at work). He referred to some of my nervous giggling of the night before and my taking the charms off without asking for permission. Dammit, I thought at that very moment, that was it. I had to ask before I took them off. By then of course it was too late. His email said that not only would my next training start that evening, but I would also be punished for not following His rules. In the email was an order to immediately insert my butt plug when I get home and that I would have to wear my butt plug from the moment I get home every day from now on, until He decided otherwise. Later that day He told me that on the weekends I would have to ask Him what time I should put the plug in. If I forgot to ask, I would have to wear the plug to my work on the following Monday. Since I once before was punished and had to wear my plug to work and I don’t want to again, I will definitely not forget to ask Him about wearing the plug every Saturday and Sunday!

We followed our normal Thursday routine and went home just before 10pm. There our ‘normal’ day ended. We were otherwise occupied (no, not sexually, but with people visiting) and it was after midnight before we at last got to bed. I was very tired, but knew better than to ask for the punishment and training not to happen. I just hoped that He kept in mind what I had to do at my work the next day and that it was late and that He should at least postpone some of His plans.

He told me to lie face down on the bed and to rest my feet on the bedpost at the foot of the bed. I did. He pulled my legs sideways, spreading my legs. Both my ankles were tied to the bed posts. He pulled my buttocks apart and it seemed as if He was inspecting my asshole. It felt strange – nice and humiliating at the same time. He softly stroke over my buttocks, then pulled them apart again. Next He was standing next to the bed and the first blow of the flogger landed on my ass. Two, three, four times, and then He stopped. I was grateful that He gave me some time to adjust before He continued. I lost count on how many times I felt the flogger. I wriggled, trying to get away from the flogger. I felt tears, but bit down hard on my lip not to cry. And all the time I had this thought in my head: how long before He decides that we should go to sleep.

To be continued… A.S.S. Training (1b)

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