A dream fantasy (1/2)

I had this dream. As dreams can sometimes be, it was not coherent. It jumped from very sexy to some realistic things – realistic things that happened while keeping vigil some months ago. But the sexy images I saw were enough to make me feel the fantasy, to make me remember it, to make me want to write about it.

Rebel was mostly naked. Naked, except for her high heeled pumps, her fish net stockings, her garter belt and her quarter cup bra. Essentially, she was naked. All of what she was wearing was black. She had to concentrate to stand on the heels. They gave Rebel a wonderful posture – her tits were proudly stuck forward and further held up by the bra she was wearing. Her legs were straight, her round buttocks proudly sticking out under the broad lace of the garter belt.

There was not much light where Rebel was standing. She was in some kind of hallway. Down the end of it she could see a faint light. Rebel tried to see beyond the end of the hallway, but could not. A buzzing sound was coming from there. Were there people out there that she could hear talking? A hand in her back pushed her forward – pushed her towards the light. Rebel heard her heels clicking on the wooden floor, as she slowly step forward. The sound she heard did not add up with the steps she took. Someone else was walking on heels too.

Then Rebel saw her. Another woman was walking slightly behind her, almost next to her. She was dressed in the same manner as Rebel was, except that everything she was wearing was red: red pumps, red fish net stockings, a red garter belt and a red quarter cup bra. From the corner of her eye Rebel could see someone walking behind the other woman. From the posture of the person she could see that it was a man. He was dressed entirely in black. Rebel turned her head to see if someone was walking behind her. A hand pushed against her cheek. Rebel had to turn her eyes forward again.

Just before they were close enough to the end of the hallway to see what was beyond it and where the buzzing noise was coming from, the men held them standing. A blindfold was put over Rebel’s eyes and fastened tightly behind her head. The man touched her shoulders. His hands moved around to the front of her shoulders, not once breaking the contact with Rebel’s body. Sliding his touch down her arms he took Rebel’s hands and slowly led her forward – step by step. From the sound on the wooden floor Rebel could hear the other woman walking very slowly too. It was even more difficult to walk on the high heels not being able to see.

Rebel could hear the rustling of voices. When she could sense some light from behind the blindfold – she still could not see anything – the voices died down. The sound her heels made told her that she was still walking on a wooden floor. A wave of whispers started to role towards her. Rebel could not make out any words. Where was she? Where was the man bringing her to? After a couple of steps more he let go of her hands and grabbed her shoulders to stop Rebel from walking. Her hand was placed in that of the woman next to her.

“Don’t move!” were the only words spoken to them. The sound of footsteps on the wooden floor led away from them and stopped. Behind her Rebel heard some sounds. Some of it sounded as if people were getting up. The sound of seats tipping up in place was a clear give-away. The rustling of clothes was another sound Rebel recognized. Then she heard footsteps. It sounded as if someone was climbing some stairs. When the footsteps came closer, Rebel knew it was that of a man. She heard his breathing in front of her. His hands touched her – cupped her breasts, moved over her belly, rolled her pussy lips between his fingers. He moved around to her back and weighed her buttocks in his hands – one by one. The touching stopped, but she could still hear his breathing. She suspected correctly that he was busy with the other woman.

When he walked away Rebel heard more footsteps approaching. The mix of sounds made it very difficult for her to identify the footsteps as that of men or women. What was very evident was that the two women were on display – on display to be inspected. Hands all over – touching, groping, weighing, pinching, squeezing. One of the people inspecting them even pulled Rebel’s labia apart for some time. What was he or she looking for? Some hands on her body felt rough; others felt soft. Were there men and women around them? What were they planning to do with these two half-naked women?

Eventually all footsteps died away to the opposite side as where they came from in the first place. It was quiet for a while, except for the sounds of people sitting down again and some whispering. Words could not be understood. Then two pairs of male footsteps approached again. Apparently the two men who led the ladies to the places where they were standing then were waiting for the inspection to end. Rebel felt hands on her shoulders. The other woman let go of her hand and Rebel could hear her heels click on the wooden floor as she walked away. The sound of her footsteps eventually died away.

To be continued… A dream fantasy (2/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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