There were wrist and ankle cuffs on the bed. My collar and my heels too. I walked around the bed, put my high-heeled sandals on and walked over towards Him so He could put my collar around my neck. I was ordered to lie down on the bed, on my back. My hands and feet were tied tightly, leaving me spread-eagled on the bed. He put my blindfold over my eyes. From that moment on, only sounds and senses guided me. I heard chains. I heard a kind of scratching as more things were taken from the trunk that holds most of our toys.

My nipples stung when He put the clamps on them. I consoled myself with the thought that the pain would soon be over. After a while it still hurt and I realized that He had put the clover clamps on me. They just never stop hurting. The pain seemed to get less each time He brought me to an orgasm – for which I asked permission every time. He left me alone in the dark room for some time. I was fucked by a vibrator when He came back. Several orgasms followed.

He was busy next to me. The sound His movements made did not give away any of what He was doing. I patiently waited for what would follow. I could hear Him walking around the bed and was surprised when I felt rope being wrapped around my leg, just above my knee. He pulled it tight, pulling my knee sideways. I immediately realized what He was doing. As I heard Him walking around to the other side I moved my knee to see how tight the rope was. I was surprised when I found that I could move my knee. It was not tight at all, until I felt the rope on my other leg and He pulled it tight too. Somehow the rope must have run under the bed or around the bottom end, but when He pulled on the one side, the other side tightened too. My legs were spread wide.

“What do you say, shall I lick you?” He asked with a wicked sound in His voice. I nodded.
He sat down between my legs. I flinched when I felt Him putting a clover clamp on one of my pussy lips. I flinched again when the other received the same painful treatment.
“Now I can open you up widely,” He said, sounding very content and pulling the clamps apart to spread my pussy open wide. The pain was very intense, as was the wonderful feeling when His tongue touched my swollen and exposed clitoris. Sensations of pain and pleasure mixed together into one orgasm. Not only once, but several times. I gasped when He removed the clamps from my pussy lips, wishing I could use my hands to cover them and make them hurt less.

I intensely hated the pain when He removed the clamps from my nipples. Mumbling “it hurts, it hurts, it hurts”, I rolled my head from side to side. I sensed His face close to mine and felt His lips on mine. He made a soothing sound against my mumbling lips. Tears gathered behind my eyelids and overflowed. It took a while for the pain to subside.

He entered me while I was still spread wide. Feeling Him inside me, all the pain was forgotten.

© Rebel’s Notes

3 thoughts on “Spread-eagled

  1. Hi Marie. i know this blog post is old, but its arousing to me, especially thinking of how open pyssy is when He pulls the clamps apart. Can you share a pickture of this spread with me ?
    Yes, i follow you, have done for some months….

    1. Hi Nudo4, first of all, thank you for following me. Sadly, I don’t have the picture you are asking for, I don’t think something like that was ever taken. But there are some ‘spread images’ on my blog for you to enjoy 😉

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