Patience Training (4)

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On the fourth night of my training I knew that I should not think that I knew what to expect. I was wrong about my expectations of the night before, so I decided to just let it happen.

I had to kneel next to the bed. Master T tied my hands behind my back. He pulled me back to sit on my legs and I fully expected Him to tie my ankles too and then tie my wrists and ankles together. I was surprised actually when He did not.

“Are you okay to stay alone for a while and think?” Master T asked and I nodded. He left the room. I sat on my legs for some time until they start to hurt. I raised myself to my knees, trying to get the blood to flow again and then I sat back again. I continued alternating until I heard Him approaching the bedroom door again. I sat back on my legs and bowed my head, literally feeling my submission and waiting for His next move or His words.

I sensed Him behind me and felt His hands on my breasts. I straightened my back, offering Him my breasts. He pinched my nipples. It hurt. I flinched a couple of times and when I could not take it anymore, I bent forward, trying to push His hands away. Some more pinching and then He ran his nails up and down my back, scratching me.

His hand moved down, finding the wetness between my legs. I remembered what He said two nights before – that I have to be available. I knew that I had to be available for Him too, not only for others. That He is my owner and the only one who decides what happens to my body. At that moment I had the urge to present myself to Him. I bent forward, supporting myself on my forehead on the floor and raising my ass, spreading my legs. He could now easily reach my wet cunt and finger me. I straightened up after a couple of orgasms, leaning back against Him.

“Good girl for offering me your nipples,” He said as He pinched me hard. I wanted to pull away, but He did not allow me. Not for several minutes that is. When He did, I leant forward and presented myself to Him again. More orgasms followed.

In bed afterwards – yes, after more orgasms; His and mine – I wanted to know whether He was satisfied. He was. I was too, because He was. My thoughts were with this fourth night of my training. It was easier than the other nights. Why? Because I am starting to change? Or just because it was easier? Because He did not want to be too harsh on me for many nights in a row?

I remembered myself sitting on my legs, feeling them hurt, but staying on them for as long as I could, because that was the position He left me in. I remembered myself bowing my head and waiting for Him to return and this position felt so right. It was the position I assumed when He entered the room, the position I felt was the most respectful towards Him. I remembered how easily I presented myself to Him – not because of horniness, but because I wanted to be available for Him. And just before I fell asleep I realized that I was looking forward to the next training.

To be continued: Patience Training (5)

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