Patience Training (2)

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We were about to go to bed when He looked at me and said: “your training will continue tonight.”

I looked at Him in surprise but then looked away. I just nodded while I thought: I am tired and we need to get up early tomorrow and I want to go to sleep.

But I did not protest. I just nodded. I also remembered that He asked me the night before whether I still stood with my decision to submit to Him. In email during the day I wanted to know why He had asked me that. He told me ‘to check’, because He used a harder approach the night before and He noticed that I was approaching a pain limit. And I remembered that I told him that I still stood with my decision. That I wanted nothing more than to submit to Him.

Sitting on the couch, having just heard that my training would continue before I could go to sleep and having been told that my training would continue every evening for as long as He wanted it, I realized that I also have to learn to let go, to give Him full control. And I know, without telling Him that He has noticed this too and that part of this training is to learn to let go, to submit my body and mind to Him.

There was rope on the bed when I walked into the bedroom. There were two loose knots in the rope. I had to lie down on my back again. He slipped one of the knots around my wrist and tightened it. He walked around and did the same to the other wrist. On the same side, He pulled my leg up as far as it could go and tied the rope around my thigh, just above my knee. The other leg was treated the same way. My legs were spread wide, my pussy spread wide and exposed for Him to see and touch. My legs and wrists had to be kept in balance again. If I hung my feet in the rope, the knot around my wrist tightened. If I held my legs in position and moved my hands, the blood flow to my hands was restored. Once again I had to find the balance in this.

Keeping this balance was almost impossible when He started licking me. He must have carefully listened to my breathing. Each time I felt an orgasm approaching and my breathing got heavier, He stopped His licking. Only to start several seconds later, leaving me balancing on the edge.

“You realize that this is a position you have to get used to, right?”
I only nodded.
“You have to be ready, presented properly to those who want to use you. You have to be available,” He continued and again I only nodded. He bent His head towards my pussy again and continued His licking.

After being left alone again, He came back and asked me what was in my thoughts while He was gone. I told Him that at first I was impatiently waiting for Him to come back and then realized that no matter how impatient I am, I would have to wait, because I am subject to His will.

Before He licked my clitoris again He told me that I do not have to ask for permission to orgasm, but that each time I do have an orgasm, I have to tell Him what I am. I did. “I am a whore,” I said when the first orgasm took hold of me.
“What kind of whore are you?” He wanted to know.
“I am a horny whore,” I answered.
“Whose whore are you,” He asked.
My next orgasms were accompanied by “I am your horny whore.”

Again I fell asleep with my hand in His, content and wondering what the next evening would bring and just where this training would lead me.

To be continued: Patience Training (3)

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