Home alone

Years ago, in another lifetime and other circumstances, I was home alone. It was in this same time that I discovered anal sex and that I lost my anal virginity. It was also a period in which my sexual needs were not met. I needed more than he could give me. And strangely enough, the moment I was home alone, horny feelings took over. I should have concentrated on cleaning the house and doing the washing and ironing, but never could until I gave in to my own horniness.

I always did my ironing up in the attic. We did not have a fixed staircase to the attic, but a ladder that you could pull down when you opened a hatch to the attic. I always made sure that everything in the house was very quiet and that all doors were locked. Then I went up to the attic and I took my favorite vibrators with me. I always wore only a T-shirt and tracksuit pants when I was busy with homework, and I always put the clothes down in such a manner that I could quickly put it on when I heard someone entering the house. I was not the only one with keys.

Up on the attic, the first thing I always did was to get naked. What followed was more or less what always happened once I was naked…

I ran my hands over my naked body, feeling my breasts, my hard nipples, my stomach and my smoothly shaven pussy. I felt a need in me, a wanting to please myself. My fingers slipped in between my pussy lips, feeling my wetness. My nipples tingled, wanting to be touched and fondled too. I took the bigger of the two vibrators and lay down on the floor with my legs widely spread, allowing the sun rays that streamed in through the small window to warm my body. Slowly I ran the toy through my wetness and over my clitoris. I sighed and felt myself go even wetter.

I switched the vibrator on full speed and touched my clitoris with it again. The vibrations made me sigh, hardened my nipples and made me go wetter. Slowly I entered myself with the vibrator. I loved to feel it fill me, loved to feel the vibrations deep inside me. For a while I enjoyed this, fucked myself with the vibrator, but I wanted more. I removed the vibrator from my pussy and got up. I slipped the vibrator back into my pussy as I sat down on my knees. The vibrator was humming away, trapped between my inner folds and the floor behind me. I reached for the smaller vibrator and applied some lubricant to it.

I sighed when the tip of the lubricated vibrator touched my asshole. Ever so slowly I allowed the vibrator to enter me. I was almost not aware of the vibrations in my pussy anymore. The vibrator sliding into my ass had all my attention. Once it was inside, I reached around and turned the knob on the end of the vibrator. Now both my holes were teased by vibrations. I held the vibrator in my ass in place and leant back until it was trapped between the floor and my body. Supporting myself on one hand, I touched my nipples with the other, rolling them between my fingers.

Soon my body wanted more. It was screaming for more. I removed both vibrators and turned them off. I put the smaller vibrator away. I got up, squatted and slowly pushed the larger vibrator in my ass. I loved to be filled like that. Once the vibrator was inside, I leant back and trapped it deep inside me. I raised my hips, allowing it to move out a bit. As I lowered my ass back to the floor, I pushed the vibrator back in. I sat down on my knees again and leant back, supporting myself on my arms again.

Moving my hips, I fucked myself in the ass. When the urgent feeling inside me was almost unbearable, I reached for my clitoris. I did not stop my hips moving; kept on fucking my ass with the vibrator. My fingers found my clitoris – rubbing it, pulling it, and kneading it between my fingers. I looked down my body, taking in the movement of my hips and seeing my hard, round nipples. Enjoying the sexiness of myself I allowed the urgency inside me to surge towards my loins. The huge orgasm left me out of breath and satisfied for that moment.

… and after I got dressed again, I continued with my ironing and the rest of my housework. My body was content, until the next time I was home alone again. 

© Rebel’s Notes

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #surge.


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