Helping out

“I want to ask you something,” was Tom’s first words when he called.
“Shoot,” Sasha said.
“I have this friend. He is a magician. His assistant fell ill and he has a show tomorrow afternoon. He needs someone to help him with the show – a woman. Preferably a blond woman. I thought about you and told him I would ask you whether you want to help him out. Do you?”
“What do I have to do?” Sasha asked, feeling unsure.
“Nothing much. He does most and you are just part of the show… the pretty face next to his rugged look,” Tom laughed.
“Uh, I don’t know…”
“O, come on Sasha,” Tom interrupted her, “it will be fun. I will be there too, in the audience. Please do it, he really is desperate and has no one else to ask. Please, do it for me, please, please, ple…”
“Okay, okay, okay, stop! I will do it,” Sasha laughed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sasha was pleasantly surprised when she met the magician. After Tom had told her that the man had a rugged look, Sasha did not expect him to be as attractive as he was. Not only was he attractive… he was sexy too. Almost from the moment she was introduced to him, Sasha felt the sexual tension between them. From the way he looked at her it was evident that he was aware of the tension too. Sasha tried to keep her attention with his words while he explained what she had to do. Actually, there was not much to concentrate on, since he told her that all she had to do was just to lie still and let things happen. He explained that part of the act was for her to be hoisted up in the air, but that it was completely safe.

The magician – Magic Don – gave her the clothes she had to wear. It was nothing more than a short dress that just about covered all her private parts. As instructed, she kept her panties on, but took her bra off. The dress was a perfect fit, as if it has been made especially for her. It was just a bit on the short side. When she tried to pull it down it exposed her breasts; when it covered her breasts, her crotch was almost visible. Sasha felt a bit uncomfortable when she walked onto the stage. She was very conscious of the shortness of the dress. Tom and Magic Don were waiting for her.

“Don’t look so scared,” Magic Don said as he took her hand and led her to a table in the middle of the stage. The curtain of the stage was still closed. Sasha could hear the sound of talking and laughter coming from the other side of the curtain.
“He is going to help me to get you ready for the opening act of the show,” Magic Don explained when Sasha asked whether Tom was going to sit in the audience. Tom just smiled at her.

Sasha got onto the table as instructed. She lay down on her back and stretched her arms above her head. The dress pulled up, exposing her sexy panties. She flinched when Magic Don snapped cuffs onto her wrists. He placed his hand on her head and uttered soothing words, saying that it was all part of the act and the safety measures. This calmed her down. Magic Don busied himself with her dress, pulling on it as if to position it properly. She did not flinch when Tom snapped cuffs on her ankles. The blindfold he put on her eyes – Magic Don explained – was to enhance the feeling of her helplessness and the magic the public will see. Sasha nodded. She had a feeling that she was in good hands.

She did not see the hook on the rope coming from the ceiling. She did not hear any sound when the hook was attached to the chain between the wrist cuffs. Sasha was equally unaware that the ankle cuffs were attached to hooks, anchoring her legs to the table. The first thing she became aware off was a soft humming sound and her arms moving upwards. Her upper body followed. Soon she was pulled up into a standing position. Her hands were stretched high above her head; her feet were anchored to the table below her. She moaned about being stretched out like this and asked them to lower her a bit.

Magic Dan jumped up on the table behind her.
“There’s one more thing we need to do,” he said, “it’s all part of the show.”
Sasha nodded. She felt relieved when she was lowered a bit and her arms relaxed. A feeling of horror struck when a ball gag was snapped into her mouth and fastened behind her head with such lightning speed that she had no chance at all to protest. Not that protesting would have helped much in her position. Her moans and screams were muffled – not heard by anyone on the other side of the curtain. The humming sound returned; her arms were pulled up again, stretching them, stretching her back, forcing her breasts forward.

“We are almost done, almost ready,” Magic Dan said.
A loud, muffled scream followed when Magic Dan firmly pulled on her dress. The material did not tear, but she recognized the popping sound of press studs snapping loose and she felt the cool air on her naked skin. Only her panties remained, but not for long. There was a sound of cutting scissors and the cool air now also touched her wet pussy. Sasha felt herself blushing when she realized that she was wet. She was naked.

Tears stung in her eyes when she heard Magic Dan’s last words before the curtain opened:
“You are about to experience the magic of BDSM.”

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PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #magician.


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