First birthday

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I sat here, wondering just how to write this post. I have started it about ten times now and not once did I like what I wrote. Then I had an idea: I will write this post in the same fashion as most of my posts are written: full of sex!!!

Rebel slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she became aware of was the curtains in front of the high windows. They were slightly open, letting in just a little bit of light. Her eyes had difficulty to adjust to even that little amount of light. She turned her head. Above her was something that looked like a roof. She strained her eyes to see. Slowly Rebel became aware that she could not move her arms. Lifting her head, she looked around and ever so slowly things around her started to take shape.

Her arms were tightly tied to two posts of the canopy bed. Rebel’s back was supported by several pillows and rope tied around her legs just above her knees, held her legs in the air. Her feet were tied to the bottom posts of the bed. She could not see where the rope ran to from just above her knees, but it kept her legs spread wide. Rebel was naked. She was alone in the room and she had no idea how she got there and who have tied her down like this.

Only then did she become aware of a silhouette in the corner of the room. Her husband was watching her with a smile. She smiled back at him, but with questions in her eyes.
“There are some people here who would like to congratulate you,” he said.
With the mention of people, she tried to close her legs, but the ropes held them tightly in place and widely spread.
“Congratulate me?” she echoed.
“Yes, love, congratulate you after you have done such a good job with your blog,” he smiled at her.

Before she could continue, the door opened. In came one woman. Rebel gasped as she recognized her. The woman got onto the bed and sat down between Rebel’s spread legs. She started playing with Rebel’s clitoris, keeping her eyes fixed on Rebel’s face. Just before Rebel could orgasm, the woman stopped her movements. She waited for a couple of seconds and then started rubbing the bound woman’s clitoris again. Time and again she stopped just before an orgasm would overwhelm Rebel. After what felt like a lifetime and which left Rebel aching for release, she bent over towards Rebel, kissed her and whispered in her ear: “You were so interested in my edging session that I wanted you to experience it as a gift from me.”

The woman got off the bed as two other women appeared next to the bed – one on each side. They both looked very familiar to Rebel. Together they bent over her and each took a nipple in their mouths, lightly nibbling and sucking on it. One after the other they kissed her – long lingering kisses, their tongues teasing Rebel’s, their kisses sweet. They both smiled down at her and just before they left one of them bent down and said, “Girl kisses, baby, lots of girl kisses.”

A young blond woman was the next to walk into the room. It was another familiar-looking face. Rebel heard chains as the woman approached the bed. While putting clamps on Rebel’s nipples, the young lady looked down at her with a defiant smile.
“For once I decided to do what was asked of me,” she chuckled and left the room.

More women entered and left the room. Most of them only kissed Rebel; some of them touched her tits, her nipples, her belly, her pussy. Some even dipped their fingers in her growing wetness. Some of the kissed were only a peck on her lips. Others traced the outline of her lips with their tongues or gave her a passionate French kiss.

After the last woman had left the room, it was quiet for a couple of minutes before the door opened again. In came a man Rebel had some sexual encounters with before. He totally ignored the bound woman on the bed and walked over to Rebel’s husband for some small talk. The sound of chains instantly made her nipples ache again. She must have made a sound, because both men looked at her. Rebel’s husband made a ‘go ahead’ gesture. The other man walked over to the bed and assumed the same position as the first woman had. His warm mouth covered her pussy and his tongue dipped into her wetness. He groaned and vigorously started to suck and tongue-fuck her wet cunt. Working his magic on her horniness, he drew orgasm after orgasm from Rebel. The chains sounded again as he pulled at her pussy lips and applied clamps to them.

He disappeared through the door as her husband took his place between her legs, entering her wet waiting pussy with force. The clamps on her pussy lips hurt her with each time he pushed into her, but this just intensified her need to orgasm again. She did, the moment she felt his cum hit the inside of her pussy walls.

“Congratulations with the first birthday of your blog, my love.”

Through my blog and twitter (which essentially I started with to promote my blog) I have met so many beautiful people. Yes, I mean ‘met’ as in digitally, because there is only one of my followers that I have ever seen in real life. Of course, I would love to change that at some time, but that is not what this post is about. Up to now I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about my experiences – past and present – and telling you all about my fantasies.

My blog would not have been what it is today, if it was not for my readers. You! You have made it to what it is today. Thank you for this! I really deeply appreciate it!

© Rebel’s Notes

PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #move.

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  1. mmmmm my delicious friend. i love that we have found each other through twitter and continue our journeys together. i will share #girlkisses with you ANY time, all the time and if ever the chance comes to share them in person, I'm so there! <3

    happy blogiversarry – i'm honored to have played a part…

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