Day 18: Any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? If so, what are they?

Pet peeves?

What are pet peeves?

Pet peeves are things that irritate you or you just cannot stand. Pet peeves could be irrational, and not even annoy anybody else.

Do I have any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? When I asked myself this, many things came to mind. I sort of worked off a list in my mind, but dismissed each of the things I thought about. Why? Because the things I do not like, the things that might annoy me, might be things that excite other people. I don’t feel it’s my place to be annoyed by anything other people do in their kinky lives. I am a great believer of letting everyone decide for themselves how their lives are lived – kinky or not. I don’t feel that I have the right to be irritated by the way someone else live his or her life.

Then again, something else springs to mind. Inside the kinky twitter world I join every day, sometimes I get men who want to show me their dicks, or who want to have sexy chats with me. And if I say sexy, then they want to go private with me and not talk in the open timeline. What I mean to say is that they are hinting in the direction of cybersex. Been there, done that. Don’t do it anymore. I politely ‘tell them off’, but still it hugely irritates me that people don’t read my profile properly! I don’t mind flirting at all. But I don’t do cybersex and I definitely don’t want to look at some lonely guy’s cock while he’s trying to get off on my words on his screen! If you cannot say things to me in the open timeline then just don’t say them at all. If I have to mention a pet peeve, that will be it.

Other than that, I just respect people for their choices – kinky or not – and expect them to respect my choices too.

(written on 24.08.2011)

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2 thoughts on “Day 18: Any kinky/BDSM pet peeves? If so, what are they?

  1. Only one REAL BDSM peeve and that is the almost universal (it seems to me) of confusing submission with weakness.Gets my back up every time.

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