She slowly opened her eyes. The dampness under her cheek was the first that she became aware of. Her eyes focused on the color right in front of her: grass. She was lying on the grass. She did not understand how she got there, what she did there. Pushing herself up on her arms and looking around her, she saw only grass. No houses, no other people, nothing. Only grass. Turning around she saw some huge rocks and further to the back there was, what appeared to be, a small mountain. From where she was it almost looked as if someone had dumped a pile of rocks there to form a mountain. It looked just as out of place as she felt herself to be. Somehow she felt as if she might be safer closer to the mountain than out here on the open plains.

Getting up was not as easy as she thought. Her body hurt. Why? What had happened to her and how did she get here? Looking down she noticed the clothing she was wearing. The animal skin covered all the essential parts, but barely more than that. The top was short, revealing most of her tummy. The skirt she was wearing only started on her hips and barely covered her ass. Her shoes were also made of animal skin. Somehow she felt totally out of place – as if she did not belong where she was at that moment. She could not shake this feeling, but her head also did not clear enough to totally understand where she was, or rather, where she should be other than where she was.

She reached the first rocks and looked up towards the ‘mountain’. It was a lot closer now and indeed, it looked as if she could find some shelter there. She needed to think, needed to clear her mind. To understand where she was and where she had to go. There was a huge rock quite close to the ‘mountain’. She fixed her eyes on that and started walking. Just before she reached the rock she looked up towards the ‘mountain’. There were caves up there, caves where she could rest.

She screamed as a strong arm grabbed her from behind. The arm covered half of her throat and the hand was under her arm, grabbing her tightly. She was pressed against a man’s body. She tried to see who it was, but he held her so tight that she could not turn her head. He started walking, dragging her with him. Soon she lost one of her shoes. Kicking and screaming, she tried to free herself from his grip, but to no avail. Close to the pile of rocks that she had been calling a ‘mountain’ in her mind, he stopped, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed even harder, but he just walked on, not making a sound. He too was wearing clothes made of animal skin, but his covered a lot more of his body than hers did.

Just before he started to climb up the pile of rocks on, what seemed to be, a kind of footpath, he moved her body a bit to adjust the balance of her weight. Her ribs hurt, as if they were bruised. He gripped her tightly again. She felt his big hand on her bare ass, realizing she was not wearing anything at all underneath her skirt and immediately understanding that she was wearing ONLY the two small pieces of fabric she had seen. There was no time to think about this. The light started to fade and she realized that he was carrying her into a cave.

Hard-handedly he dropped her off his shoulder, onto the floor. It hurt when she hit the ground. Before she could recuperate he grabbed her hair and pulled her up. He pushed her forward towards a huge table. There were candles against the walls and they cast a dim light over the table. Her hips bumped into the table. That hurt too, as if her hips were already bruised. Again she felt the pain in her ribs as he bent her forward onto the table, keeping her down, pressing her cheek down hard on the table. The first sound she heard him make was the animalistic groan at the same time as she felt his huge hard cock entering her wet pussy with force.

He fucked her. Hard. His fingers were entangled in her hair. His elbow was pressed into her back, keeping her down. He pulled her hair, lifted her face off the table and then pushed it back onto the table again. The harder he fucked her, the more he groaned. The more he groaned, the harder he pulled her hair. The closer he came to his orgasm, the tighter he held onto her hair, pulling her head up, holding it up. Her hips banged against the table, bruising them even more. Her cheek felt bruised too from where it was pushed hard against the table. She enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her pussy, but she felt bruised there too, as if she had been fucked over and over again.

His pace slowed down. She screamed out loud as he pulled her head back as far as he could. His elbow was not pressed into her back anymore. He held tight, arching her back in his direction. He banged harder into her. Slowly. Pulling out almost entirely and then banging his hard cock deep into her bruised pussy. Pulled out. Bang in. Pulled out. Bang in again. He growled loudly when he pushed in one last time and she felt his cum hitting her insides and felt some of it running down her thighs.

Suddenly he pulled out and let go of her hair. She heard him move behind her and when she turned around, she could not see him anywhere. Slowly, she started to move towards the light, looking around to find him. Her legs were shaking. She felt faint. He was nowhere. She did not see him; did not hear him. Quickly she ran out of the cave, too afraid to look back. Afraid that he might see her; might follow her. She did not know how far she ran when she fell down on the grass, her legs no longer able to carry her. The sound of the wind died in her ears as she fainted.

She slowly opened her eyes. The dampness under her cheek was the first that she became aware of. Her eyes focused on the color right in front of her: grass. She was lying on the grass. She did not understand how she got there, what she did there…

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