Bus tour: The Club (2/2)

Continued from The Club (1/2)

They could hear the people who were peeping through the walls talking and gasping when the first blows of the floggers fell onto their asses. The men synchronized their blows. Rebel could see the swing of the arm of the husband standing behind his wife. She heard the blow of the flogger on the ass of the woman just as she felt the sting of the flogger on her own ass. One. Two. Five. Eleven. She lost count. Her ass burnt. She wanted to scream. She did not. The other woman was silent too. Together they bore the blows on their asses. Together they were relieved when it stopped.

It did not stop for long. Their husbands moved away and each came back with a ball gag and a cane. Both women’s muffled screams could be heard when the canes touched their asses. They screamed. They growled. They bit hard into the gags in their mouths. They watched each other, trying to support each other with the looks in their eyes. When the men stopped, red welts were clearly visible on their wife’s asses.

The women’s hands and feet were untied. The gags were removed. The women were taken towards the openings in the walls. Hands reached through the openings. The hands touched their bodies, as the husbands slowly turned the women around and around. Some of the touching was soft, caressing; others were hard and sometimes mean. Breasts were caressed, nipples were pulled and twisted. Soft hands felt the welts on their asses, others added to the agony by slapping their ass cheeks. Rebel enjoyed the touching, even when it hurt. She felt as if she was on display, and she liked the feeling it gave her. Does the other woman feel the same about it, she wondered. People admiring and touching her body made her feel wanted, made her feel horny… and above all she felt proud that her husband displayed her like this.

The women were taken back to the steel construction. They had to stand next to each other, facing opposite walls. There were several faces watching them. The men started pulling on the straps hanging from the steel construction. Most of the straps were positioned behind them and once the men were done, the women were pushed backwards. Soon both the women were suspended in the air. Rebel realized that she was in a love swing. Their legs were pulled up and held wide by the straps attached to the cuffs on their ankles. When Rebel turned her head, she could see the wet cunt of the woman next to her. She realized that all the people watching through the peep holes in the walls could clearly see their wet pussies too.

Rebel reached out to touch the other woman. She covered the woman’s pussy with her hand. The woman moaned and Rebel translated that as encouragement. She slipped a finger into the wetness. Another finger follows as she started to finger fuck the other woman. She sighed as she felt a soft hand touching her between the legs. The men enjoyed the scenes in front of them, but they wanted some action too. The straps that supported the women’s heads were removed. The men were standing behind their wives. They were naked and both offered their cocks to the mouths of their wives. Hanging their heads back the woman took the men into their mouths, licking, sucking and allowing the men to fuck their mouths. All the while their fingers were working each other’s pussies, drawing orgasms from each other.

The cock in her mouth made it difficult for Rebel to breath. Hanging her head further back allowed her husband to push his cock deeper into her mouth. She felt his cock hitting the back of her throat and she had to fight the urge to gag. Breathing through her nose and concentrating on her fingers in the cunt of the other woman, seemed to help. In and out her husband’s cock moved. The fingers between her legs were working some magic. Thinking about the situation she was in at that very moment – hanging on display for strangers to see, being finger-fucked by a woman bound just as she was, being throat-fucked by her husband – made her muscles contract in orgasm.

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Cum spurted into her mouth. It was thick and warm. She could not swallow. Little rivers of cum ran from Rebel’s mouth. The other man made a low noise and Rebel correctly guessed that he climaxed in his wife’s mouth too. When the last bit of her husband’s cum was spurted into her mouth, she tilted her head back to swallow the cum that was left in mouth. When she hung her head back again, she licked every bit of cum off her husband’s cock. While she did this, she fingered the other woman, bringing her to another orgasm, the same way the woman did with her.

When the women were untied they were handed their bras, thongs, stockings and shoes. Rebel was surprised that they were allowed to get dressed again. She was even more surprised when they all went back to the bar to have a drink. She was halfway through her drink when she saw the woman on the other side of the bar. All she could do was to stare right into the eyes of the woman.

There, on the other side of the bar, was her best friend.


To be continued… Nobelle (1/2)

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