Bus tour: The Club (1/2)

Continued from Intermezzo

They walked over to the country house. Rebel still did not know what to expect. She felt awkward with the clothes she was wearing. She felt naked. But she knew better than to protest when her husband has decided on what she should wear. When the door to the country house opened, she instantly felt better. The woman that greeted them was dressed the same way as Rebel was.

It was only when they walked inside that she realized that they were in a swingers club. She always had the desire to come to one, but never dared to do it. Was she up to this, after having been fucked so many times on the bus that day? They were seated at the bar, where more people were having a drink. Her husband followed the hostess and she heard him say something about an “appointment” and a “meeting” but they were too far away for Rebel to be able to follow the complete conversation.

He was smiling when he came back. Rebel did not ask what the conversation was about. They engaged in some chit-chat while having a drink. Her husband was constantly looking around as if waiting for someone. A smile on his face to something behind her back was a telltale sign that whomever he was waiting for was approaching. Rebel was introduced to a man and a woman. She immediately recognized the names as people she had befriended on the internet. Yet again she was amazed that he – and this couple – were able to keep this meeting a secret. Before Rebel could even start a conversation, the hostess appeared from nowhere.

“Please follow me,” she said with a smile.

They were led down a long hallway to a closed door at the end of it. The woman unlocked the door and entered the room. The two couples followed. Inside the room was a steel construction. The different steel bars formed a ‘cube’. Several straps hung from it. Against the back wall was a huge glass cabinet and inside were several items such as clamps, cuffs, gags, blindfolds and rope. From where she stood Rebel could not recognizes everything that was on display. Floggers, whips, canes and paddles were hanging on the wooden back panel of the cabinet.

The side walls of the room had holes in it. It was only then that Rebel realized that they were being watched. Some people were looking through the holes. The other woman noticed it only seconds after Rebel did. The men were waiting for this moment.

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“Come ladies,” the other man said as he reached for the hand of his wife at the same times as Rebel’s husband reached for hers. The women were asked to take off their clothing. They were ‘inside’ the steel construction, under one of the three steel bars from which several straps hung. Their husbands put cuffs on the wrists of the women. Straps from the outer two bars were attached to the cuffs. Their arms were spread outward, tied tightly by the straps. Next cuffs were put on their ankles. Straps that ran from the bottom bars were tied to the cuffs. When the men were done, the women were facing each other. Their faces were about a meter from each other. They were hanging from the straps ties do their wrists, as their feet were pulled backwards and sideways by the straps tied to their ankle cuffs.

Their husbands walked to the glass cabinet. When they walked back to the women, each of them was holding a flogger.

To be continued… The club (2/2)

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