Bus tour: Nobelle (2/2)

Continued from Nobelle (1/2)

Rebel’s orgasm seemed to have been the cue for Nobelle to reposition herself. She pulled Rebel’s legs, sliding her down the bed and then lay down next to her. Nobelle’s pussy was at the same height as Rebel’s face. Her friend lifted herself on her elbow, pushed against Rebel’s legs so she should spread them and then continued her licking, sucking and biting. Nobelle spread her legs. Rebel did not wait. The invitation was clear. She turned on her side, which made her end up with her back towards her husband.

Ever so softly Rebel ran her tongue over the swollen pussy lips in front of her. She licked softly, kissed softly. She inhaled the sweet fragrance of her friend. She smelled the horniness in front of her. Rebel wanted this moment to last forever. With her fingers she gently spread Nobelle’s labia. The wetness in front of her invited her to taste it. Her tongue touched the inside of her best friend. The sigh escaping her friend was filled with ecstasy. Rebel stuck her tongue deep into the folds of Nobelle’s pussy, tasting her, wanting more. She fucked her friend with her tongue.

Between her own legs Rebel felt the warm breath of Nobelle on her pussy. Feeling her sucking her clitoris hard and deep into her mouth awakened another orgasm inside Rebel. She closed her own lips around Nobelle’s button, softly rolling it between her lips. When she sucked her friend’s clitoris into her mouth, Rebel slipped a finger inside her friend. She moved her finger in and out slowly, feeling the inside walls of her friend’s pussy. A second finger joined the first. She sucked harder. Nobelle moaned. Rebel moved her fingers in and out. Nobelle gasped. Nobelle climaxed. She tasted like heaven.

Rebel felt her husband move behind her. His body touched hers. He was naked. What happened next surprised her more than anything else had surprise her all day long. Her best friend, who had many sexy talks with them but never engaged in any play with them, was being bolder than she ever was before. Nobelle’s hands guided the hard cock of Rebel’s husband between Rebel’s wet pussy lips. Rebel felt how he entered her pussy. Nobelle stayed in the position she was in, with her head between Rebel’s spread legs. She continued to lick and nibble Rebel’s clitoris, but alternated with licking the balls of Rebel’s husband. Rebel almost forgot to lick Nobelle’s delicious pussy. She looked down, spreading her legs as wide as possible, straining to see what her friend was doing. At the same time she arched her hips backwards so her husband could fuck her. Her pussy was tender after all it had to endure. When Nobelle took the hard cock from Rebel’s pussy and sucked on it, Rebel gasped. That was so hot! She turned her attention back to the pussy in front of her and in her passion she was less gently than she was before.

Nobelle did not mind. The room was filled with passion, with moans, with female orgasms. There was more urgency in Nobelle’s movements too. She switched between the pussy and the cock that was at so readily available. Rebel sucked hard on her friend’s clitoris and stuck her tongue and fingers deep into her pussy. In his passion, Rebel’s husband pinched his wife nipples. He was not gently. Rebel did not mind. The pain from her nipples mixed with the pleasure given to her pussy. Rebel felt her muscles tighter as her orgasm drew nearer. Her husband felt her muscles tighten too. Her friend noticed the urgency of the movements in front of her. She concentrated on licking from the pussy in front of her, following the line of the cock and licking toward the man’s balls. She repeated this, licking in long strokes.

As Rebel’s orgasm took hold of her body, she sucked Nobelle’s clitoris hard into her mouth, holding it there. Nobelle’s orgasm exploded into Rebel’s mouth. The moaning of the women and the tightening of his wife’s pussy muscles was a recipe for the man’s orgasmic juices to spurt into his wife.

The three of them laid spent on the bed for some time, before they got up and cleaned themselves up. The day has come to an end, and as promised by her husband that morning, they were going to sleep in their own beds. It was with mixed feelings that Rebel got in the car next to her husband to go home. No matter how tired she was, she wished that the fantasy bus tour could go on forever…


© Rebel’s Notes

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