Bus tour: Nobelle (1/2)

Continued from The Club (2/2)

Before Rebel could get off the bar stool to walk over to Nobelle, her husband spoke.
“Our friends are going to have some more fun. Unfortunately we cannot stay any longer. We have to go. Our bus is waiting outside.”
The two couples said their goodbyes. Rebel watched as the other couple disappeared back into the hallway, ready to play some more. She turned around to where her best friend was…

Nobelle was gone!

“Come on,” her husband said, “we have to get to the bus.”
The way her husband looked at her made her swallow the rest of her words. Dressed only in her lingerie, stockings and high heels she followed her husband to the door. She looked around her when they walked towards the door. Nobelle was nowhere to be seen. She did see her, right? It really was Nobelle? Even though she found it quite unbelievable to see her friend in a swingers club, she still was quite sure that it was her best friend that she had seen.
“When we get on the bus, I want you to take a shower,” her husband ordered. She nodded, still feeling the disappointment.

Her disappointment turned to ecstasy when she entered the bathroom. There under the shower was Nobelle. Smiling at her. Waiting for her. Rebel did not even bother to take the quarter cup bra, the thong and the stockings off. She stepped into the hot shower. No words were spoken. They never before did, but now the friends kissed. Nobelle unclasped Rebel’s bra and dropped it to the floor. Rebel removed her own thong and stockings. Her hands wandered over Nobelle’s body. She was yearning for her friend. Had been for years. When Rebel put her hand over Nobelle’s breast, her friend grabbed her wrist. She shook her head, smiled and pulled Rebel out of the shower. The women did not even dry themselves off.

Nobelle led Rebel to the bed and pushed her down on the bed. Rebel was on the bed on her stomach. Nobelle straddled Rebel’s body. Their bodies were still slippery and wet. With a special lotion Nobelle massaged Rebel’s back. Rebel loved the touch of her friend. She loved it even more to feel the naked skin of her friend on her body.
“Turn on your back,” Nobelle said.

Nobelle put some more lotion on her hands. She rubbed her hands together. Rebel sighed when Nobelle’s hands touched her breasts. The hands moved up and down, to her shoulders, over her breasts and down to her belly, then back up to her shoulders again. Rebel kissed one of her friend’s hands and smiled at her. The lotion that stayed on her was tasteless. Rebel’s husband sat down on the bed next to them, watching the action closely.

Nobelle, who was still straddling Rebel, bent forward and sucked lightly on Rebel’s nipples. Her heavy breasts brushed Rebel’s hips, making her shiver, making her want to touch them. She reached out and felt that her friend’s nipples were just as hard as her own. But she could not enjoy the feeling of the hard buttons between her fingers for too long. Her friend kissed her way down to Rebel’s stomach and then positioned herself between Rebel’s legs.

It was as if Nobelle had done this many times before. She sucked Rebel’s clitoris in a heavenly way. She spread Rebel’s labia wide to get to her clitoris. She sucked it deep into her mouth. Nobelle nibbled on Rebel’s clitoris, driving her closer to the edge. Rebel turned her head to look at her husband. She did not want disobey him.
“May I?” was all she said.
“You may, as many times as you want,” he smiled and he lowered his head to kiss her. It was a long, lingering, passionate kiss. The kiss. The mouth on her clit. Rebel arched her back and climaxed.

To be continued… Nobelle (2/2)

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