Stripping & Subbing (3/3)

Continued from… Stripping & Subbing (2/3)

My nipples hurt when we went upstairs. I went to the bathroom to prepare for bed, knowing that I would not be going to sleep when I entered the bedroom. My collar, my leather wrist cuffs and leather ankle cuffs were on the bed. As well as my high heeled sandals. I was still wearing my butt plug – His orders. I put my shoes on and stood in front of Him. He pulled my nipples, which still hurt from the abuse downstairs – and then He slipped a finger inside my wet pussy. After the orgasm He turned me around and put my collar on me. The cuffs on my wrists followed, then the ones on my ankles. I was ordered to kneel. He sat down on the chair in front of me, yet again pulling my nipples and finger-fucking me.

His orders for me when He left the bedroom were to stay on my knees and wait for Him to return. On His return He stood in front of me and dropped His pants. He held His hard cock for me to suck. I took it in my mouth, licking Him, sucking Him.
“You can take it deeper in your mouth than that, slut,” He said.
I opened my mouth wider to take more of Him in.
“Not enough. Shall I help you?” With that He put His hand behind my head and pushed. I gagged when His cock hit the back of my throat. I tried again and could take in some more of Him.
“You need to do this more so you can get used to all of my cock in your mouth,” He said and I nodded, His hard member still in my mouth. I tasted some of His juices in my mouth.

He pulled out. I had to get on the bed – on my back, legs spread. He sat down between my legs and slipped a finger inside my pussy again. I was very wet and He commented on it, telling me that I am His whore. I smiled and asked for permission to cum. He granted it. My pussy got wetter, as did the bed under me. Another finger joined the one already in my hole. Again I asked for permission to climax and again it was granted. The movement of His fingers inside my pussy moved the plug in my ass. I loved the double stimulation and even more so when He slipped a third finger inside me. I spread my legs wide to give Him all the access possible. My next orgasm came quicker than I could ask for permission. Actually, I did not even think about asking for permission.

“Did you just have an orgasm?” He asked and I nodded.
“Without asking for permission?” He spoke again and again I nodded.
His three fingers kept on working their magic inside my pussy and I tried to concentrate on His words and not the feeling between my legs.
“I don’t know,” I said and immediately followed with: “may I come, Sir?”
“Please, Sir,” I said, almost holding my breath, concentrating very hard not to climax.
I pushed my legs together, clasping His hand between my thighs. This prevented Him from moving His hand, but had Him hissing at me to open my legs. I tried and the moment He moved His hand again, I had my legs together again.

“Open. Your. Legs.”
I did. The feeling of the looming orgasm was almost gone. I spread my legs wide again. His fingers moved in and out again; His thumb was on my clitoris. I spread my legs even wider, arching my back and pushing my hips upwards. He changed His position and pushed another finger into my sopping pussy. I moved my hand towards my clitoris, but His thumb was still there.
“May I, Sir?” I asked.
I knew that He knew what I wanted to do, but I also knew that He was punishing me for not asking permission for an orgasm.
“May I play with my clitoris, Sir?”
“Yes,” He said as He moved His thumb and pushed His fingers deeper inside me.

My orgasm was upon me much quicker than I wanted it to be.
“May I cum, Sir,” I asked.
“Come for me, slut,” He said.
My explosive orgasm had me in its grip for several minutes. My Husband entered my throbbing cunt soon after my orgasm. My legs were held up, folding me almost double, opening my pussy for the onslaught of His hard cock. I felt His balls banging against the plug. His cock contracted inside me and I felt His semen hitting the walls of my vagina.

He rolled off me and lay down next to me.
“You climaxed without permission tonight,” He said.
I smiled at Him, thinking I had my punishment already.
“How shall I punish you for that?”
Before I could reply, He spoke again.
“You will sleep with your plug. You are not allowed to take it out until tomorrow morning.”
Looking at Him and seeing the serious expression on His face, I nodded.

It was a short night. I woke up several times and the first thing I was then aware of was the plug in my ass. The alarm went five hours later for us to get up and go to work. I went to the bathroom and just before I got in the shower, I took the plug out. My ass hurt a bit, but I was sure that if my Husband would have wanted to fuck my ass then, He would have been able to do so without any resistance from my body. The thought that I am shifting one of my boundaries – I am not really up for anything sexual early in the morning, especially not when I have to go to work – crossed my mind and I smiled. I smiled even broader when I thought about the night before. I knew I would never be able to look at the table in our garden without thinking about myself being on it, bringing myself to orgasm.

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