Stripping & Subbing (2/3)

Continued from… Stripping & Subbing (1/3)

After climaxing several times He told me to get off the table, walk to the back door and kneel on the tiles just outside the door. The tiles were very hard under my bare legs. I kneeled and held my head down.
“You know that you have to learn to obey me. No matter what I say, you have to do it.”
I nodded. He left me sitting like that for several minutes, watching me.
“This is how I want to see it,” He spoke again, “you on your knees, waiting for my next command.”
Inside I swelled with pride. Yes, this is what I wanted too, I thought. To submit to Him in any way He wanted. He walked towards me, held me by my shoulders and told me to get up. I did. He turned me around and told me to walk back into the garden. Just at that moment I heard a car and saw the lights at the end of the street coming towards our house.

I kneeled behind the table, hiding from the oncoming car.
“Get up,” He hissed.
“No, Sir, please…” I moaned.
“I said: Get. Up!”
“I cannot, Sir. I dare not.”
“I want you to get up. Do it now.”
I just could not. I felt ashamed because I could not bring myself to obey Him. I could not show myself to whoever was in the car. I stayed down until the car was out of sight. I felt like crying. I knew this was going to get me punished, but whatever the punishment would be, I thought it would be much better than showing myself to some stranger. He told me to go inside.

He closed the back door once we were both inside the kitchen and then He switched the light on. This was even worse than standing outside. Now I could not see whether anyone might see me and there I was, naked and visible to anyone who happened to look towards our kitchen.
He stood in front of me, looking at me sternly, not saying a word. I looked down just as he gripped my nipples between His thumb and forefinger. He pulled them up, getting me to stand on my toes.
“Come on,” He said, “on your toes.”
“It hurts,” I moaned, “my nipples hurt.”
“That’s good then,” He smiled, still pulling and having me balancing myself on my toes. I was relieved when He let go.

“Stand there,” He ordered, “and bring yourself to orgasm.”
I started begging for Him to switch the light off, because I did not like that anyone could see me from outside. I begged Him to switch on the light in the extraction unit. He did, but I was appalled when I realized that it almost gave the same amount of light.
“Orgasm?” He said.
I fingered myself and brought myself to orgasm a couple of times. My moans about too much light and afraid of being seen were not given any attention to.

“Now look for something that you can put in your cunt for some more orgasms.”
I found a pastry spatula and was happy that I could kneel down and be out of sight for whoever might be outside. The handle of the spatula disappeared into my pussy. It felt surprisingly good. I fucked myself with the spatula, bringing myself to some more orgasms. My Husband watched me for a while, but then turned to the fridge and got some ice from the freezer. He turned back to me and ordered me to bring myself to one more orgasm. The ice cube tray was on the kitchen counter behind Him.

He tapped on the kitchen counter, wanting me to sit on it. It took some figuring out how to hop onto the counter, but eventually I did. The plug in my ass felt as if it was pushed in deeper. I watched my Husband as He got an ice cube out of the tray. At the same time my eyes were drawn to the darkness outside, wondering who could see the naked me on the kitchen counter. The wetness of the ice cube was not the first that I noticed. It was the cold. When my Husband walked back to where the ice cube tray was, I touched my pussy. The ice cube was inside me, melting rapidly. He stood in front of me again and another ice cube disappeared in my cunt. And another. Before the next cube joined the melting ones inside me, He circled it around my nipples. It was cold, but felt very good. I looked at my nipples, loving to see them hard and standing up.

I felt a puddle of water forming under me as the ice melt. My Husband fingered my, played with my clitoris and made me climax some more. Water ran down my thighs as I got off the kitchen counter. Still visible from the street and standing in de light, He pulled my nipples again and ordered me to stand on my toes. When I wanted to lower myself again, He pulled harder, keeping me dancing on my toes.
“Come on, slut, on your toes,” He encouraged.

To be continued… Stripping & Subbing (3/3)

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