Stripping & Subbing (1/3)

We were having a nice talk while I had my laptop on my lap and kept one eye on tweets coming in. I was talking to someone who told me something very hot in DM and I told my Husband what it was. He said to answer that before we would go to bed, I would have to undress myself in the garden. When I looked at Him very intently, He said that He was only joking.

Not long after I logged off and finished my drink. He asked me whether I still remembered the task I had to perform the next day. I did.
“But before you perform that task, you have another one to perform,” He said with a smile.
“What task then?” I wanted to know.
“Undressing in the garden of course,” He said.
“But I thought it was only a joke,” I protested.
“No, my dear, it was not a joke. Now get into the garden and undress yourself,” He ordered.

Reluctantly I walked towards the back door…

We live in a typical townhouse on the corner of the street. Our hedge is at waist height, so we can see everything that happens on the other side of it. On the side of our house runs a road towards the other houses and flats in the street. Behind our house is a parking place. Another road runs right to the side of our house, so any car that comes down it at night shines its lights right into our garden. There are quite some people in the neighborhood that let their dogs out at night and that walk past the side of our house, which means they are also able to look right into the garden. We have some large trees in the garden, keeping our back yard out of sight of people living in the flat on the other side of the street. But some of the street lights illuminate our garden, meaning that if someone saw some movement in our garden, they would definitely see what it is. Our garden is entirely tiled and in the middle of it is our huge wooden table. The street lights shine exactly on this table.

… and looked outside. I could not see anyone outside on the street. I looked into the garden. There was far too much light out there to my liking. I was still standing in the door opening. My Husband pushed against my back and pushed me outside. He blocked my way back into the house. My back was towards the street and I concentrated on watching Him. I took my t-shirt off and gave it to him. He threw it inside, on the kitchen floor. I unbuttoned my pants and stepped out of them. They landed on top of my t-shirt. My camisole followed. I was now standing in my bra and panties, outside in our garden. My Husband did not say anything. He just looked at me sternly, waiting. I unhooked my bra and gave it to him. Lastly I gave Him my panties.

I was now naked.

“I want you to get on the table, lie on your back and spread your legs,” He ordered.
“Oh no,” I protested, “there’s too much light there. And someone will see me.”
“So? Get on the table.”
“Sir, please, I…”
“Get on the table. Now.”

I walked towards the table and hopped on. I immediately felt the plug that I still had in my ass, since the moment I got home. Carefully I lay down on my back, thinking about spiders. I am very afraid of them. Still very wary of my surroundings, I pulled my legs up and spread them. I felt myself blushing, thinking that someone other than my Husband might be watching me – someone from the street or maybe our elderly neighbor!

“Now bring yourself to orgasm,” He demanded.
I started to shake my head, but one look at Him and I moved my hand to my pussy. I was surprised to find myself to be very wet. I was even more surprised when my first orgasm followed very quickly. And I was happy that it did, because then I could get off the table. Wrong!
“Once more,” He ordered. I started to protest, but then fingered myself again. Another orgasm followed.
“Again.” I did.
“Again.” I did again.
He stuck two fingers in my cunt.
“You are such a whore. You are so wet,” He said and removed His fingers.

To be continued… Stripping & Subbing (2/3)

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