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On twitter I saw a request for people to review ‘Pocket Panties’ for the website Dress Your Kitty. I sent an email as requested, offering to review the panties and to write a review on my blog.

The email conversation I had with the lady who runs the site was a pleasant one. I had to give her my personal information (name and address) and the size of panties I wanted and then she would send them to me. I ordered XL panties, but she only had S, M and L. I checked the American sizes against the European sizes and then ordered an L, since that would be fine too. Twelve days after she informed me that the package has been sent, I received it.

I opened the red wrapping paper to find a black velour pouch with some red crystals in the form of a heart on it. It looked very classy. Inside was a white lacey string with some red Swarovski crystals sewn on it. A nice card with a note from the lady who sent me the pocket panties with a thank you for my willingness to do a review was inside the package too. I held the string up, admiring it and then felt doubt for the first time. It looked so SMALL! I checked to see whether the size was on the label, but it was not. I tried the panties on and they only came to my thighs. Disappointed I wrapped everything in the red paper again and left it on my dressing table. I sent the lady an email telling her that the string does not seem to be the size I asked for. I have not received a reply (yet).

Now, about three weeks later, I decided to write the review anyway. The idea of pocket panties is a nice one. On the Dress Your Kitty website there is a history about where the idea for pocket panties originated. Essentially it is about the desire to have a fresh pair of panties in your bag for those longer days or on days where you think you might need it. The black pouch can discreetly be carried in a woman’s bag, reducing the possibility if some embarrassing moments when you pull something else out of your bag and the panties pop out too!

Will I use the pouch? Yes, for sure I will. Unfortunately I will never be able to wear the thong, but I will give it to someone who I know can wear it. In the meantime I have discovered another small card in the wrapping paper, stating that the panties is a size S. I guess something like sending the wrong size is a human error. Even though that has left me with mixed feelings about my first ever product review and wondering whether I should actually write this review, I still want to recommend the pocket panties, especially for those business career woman out there.

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  1. I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your email! I found it sitting in my draft folder…just sent it. I am happy to send a new pair of panties in the correct size! I hope you find someone else to love the pair I sent and a new pair will be on the way (in your size)


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