Clothing pegs

A cute little witch whom I speak to on twitter has told me that she sometimes uses clothing pegs on her nipples. She told me that she is curious about nipple clamps and wondered whether clamps would be different. I told her I would try the pegs and tell her how it feels.
So, I did…

First I put them on my nipples. They did not hurt at all. With clamps it’s different. When clamps are put on my nipples, it hurts! With clamps the hurt eventually stop (except with the clover clamps) and then, when the clamps are removed, it hurts like hell. I wondered what would happen when I remove the pegs.

Nothing. No hurting at all.

Next I decided to put the clothing pegs on my labia. It hurt just a wee bit more than on my nipples, but really… only a wee bit.

Will I use the pegs again? No, I don’t think so. It was nice to try and I love the photos I made, but I prefer my clamps, even though they hurt me a lot more!

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