Bus tour: Six times double (2/2)

Continued from Six times double (1/2)

It was only when the fifth and six men entered her holes, that she felt her orgasm coming closer. The men pounded in and out of her. The man below her pinched her nipples. The man behind her slapped her buttocks. Rebel’s body was tense, tingling all over. She felt the rush starting in her toes, starting in her shoulders. It raced through her body, exploding in the center of her sex. Her muscles tightened around the two cocks, causing them to spit their loads deep in her body. The next two men already approached the bed.

“Turn around,” her husband said.’
Rebel awkwardly twisted, sitting down on the bed, her arms bent at her elbows and her hands now next to her head, as the chain was still on the cuffs. One of the men easily lifted her onto him to sit on his stomach. The chain was unhooked from the wall. Rebel did not need any orders to know what to do next. She placed her feet on either side of the man beneath her and lowered herself onto his cock. His entire cock was buried in her ass. The second man was on his knees in front of her and entered her pussy.

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The man under her had little room to move his cock. He grabbed her hips and lifted them to make some room for him to move. Rebel was fucked hard from both sides. It did not take the men long to climax. Neither did it take the next two men long to replace these two men. Rebel’s ass and pussy were almost instantly filled by two hard cocks again. By the time these two men spurt their loads inside Rebel’s body, she was almost ready to climax again.

There were only two men left that had not fucked Rebel by then. One of them walked towards her, grabbed her hand and pulled her off the bed. Cum from the different men leaked from her pussy and ass and ran in tiny rivers down her legs. She was lead towards a chair where the last man was sitting, stroking his big, hard cock. Rebel was turned around and pushed backwards. The cock pressed against her buttocks and she knew what came next. She gasped as the cock slowly entered her, stretching her already stretched asshole even more.

The other man positioned himself in front of Rebel. He lifted her legs, hooked them over his arms and entered her pussy with his hard member. Yet again Rebel was doubly penetrated. The man below her put his hand on her clitoris and started to fondle it. Rebel groaned. This was going to send her over the edge; to make her climax. She did not want to climax. She did not want the fucking to stop. Her body made the decision for her. After several more moments of intense fucking, Rebel’s muscles climaxed into a climax that seemed to last for minutes. In those minutes the two men climaxed too, grunting as they did so.

Yet again, once the men were done with her they paid no more attention to her. While her husband started to thank the men for their performance as the bus pulled into the next stop, Rebel waked towards the small bathroom to clean herself up.

To be continued… Intermezzo

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