Bus tour: Six times double (1/2)

Continued from Preparation (3/3)

Rebel was still on her back, looking at the twelve men and not knowing what to expect. She wanted to sit up when her husband ordered her to turn around and get on her knees, her back facing the men. Rebel’s husband pulled the chain on the leather cuffs above her head and hooked the chain onto a hook in the ‘wall’. The hook was at the same height as Rebel’s face.

Her husband pushed her shoulders forward. The chain tightened. Rebel was ‘hanging’ on the chain. She was now supported by her knees and the chain. Her legs were spread to keep her balance and the red jewel buttplug in her ass were clearly visible to all the men standing behind her. Rebel’s husband sat down on the bed and slowly pulled the plug from her ass, leaving her ass open for a couple of moments.

Behind her the men started to undress. Two of them came towards the bed and kneeled in front of Rebel. They put their cocks against her mouth. Rebel licked and sucked and felt their cocks harden in her mouth and against her cheeks. The other men standing around the bed all had their cocks in their hands, stroking it, getting it ready. Once the cocks of the two men on the bed were hard enough to their liking, the got off the bed.

“Stand up,” Rebel’s husband ordered. When she did, the one man positioned himself on the bed, between Rebel’s legs.

“Lower yourself onto him,” her husband spoke again.
Rebel bent her knees and lowered her pussy towards the hard cock, held upright by its owner. Her pussy was still very wet, causing the hard piece of meat to easily glide into her. Her hands were stretched out in front of her, hanging on the tight chain.

She felt hands on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. She felt lubricant dripping between her spread cheeks. Something pressed against her asshole, but this time she did not feel the coolness of metal. The hands were still on her buttocks, keeping them spread. The thing against her dark hole pressed harder. Since her ass was stretched by the different sizes of buttplugs, it did not take much for the cock to slip into her. Still, it hurt. It hurt. And it felt so good. The cock slipped deeper and deeper into her, until she was entirely filled with it.

Alternately the two cocks started to fuck her holes. Her breasts swung to and fro. The man below her was looking at her hard nipples. Soon his mouth covered one of the heard knobs, sucking it, biting it. Rebel enjoyed the intense sensations of pain and pleasure on her tits and in her holes. So much so, that she did not even think about orgasms. She just enjoyed. She wanted more. Rebel wanted to be fucked like this forever. It was over before she wanted it to be. Cum seeped from her pussy as she stood up to let the man under her get off the bed. Soon another man took his place – not only under her, but in her pussy too. The man entering her from behind shoved the full length of his cock in her in one smooth movement. Rebel gasped at the sensation it gave her. It felt as if her clitoris was on fire, but still an orgasm was nowhere near her.

To be continued… Six times double (2/2)

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