Bus Tour: Preparation (3/3)

Continued from Preparation (2/3)

Again cool hands covered the fresh welts. The dildo that had been removed just before her second spanking was inserted into her pussy again and kept in place. It did not move and Rebel was thankful for it. The buttplug was slowly removed from her ass and more lubricant was dripped onto her asshole. Again Rebel felt something pressing against her asshole. As it started to slip into her, she realized that it was a bigger plug. Her medium sized buttplug. She was fucked with it for a couple of minutes before it was left in place. The women slowly started to fuck Rebel with the dildo again. Rebel fought the nearing orgasm with success.

Both the dildo and the buttplug were slowly removed. The dildo was replaced by – what Rebel though to be – another, thicker dildo. When something pressed against her asshole again, she fully expected it to be her largest buttplug. Once the object entered her body, she realized it was not. It was another dildo. Are these two ladies going to fuck her with two dildo’s? Rebel prepared herself – not only for the inevitable orgasm, but she also mentally prepared for the next spanking. The dildo slipped into her ass. Simultaneously the two dildo’s were pressed into her pussy and ass. And then they stayed in place. It was only then that Rebel realized that it was not two dildo’s that were inserted into her holes, but her double-ended dildo. One end was in her pussy, the other in her ass. She could feel the flexible material straining against the insides of her holes, trying to straighten itself.

Buzzzzzz… a vibrator. Rebel’s tiny vibrator was pressed against her clitoris and held there. She tried to escape it, but the Velcro cuffs totally prevented her from moving. Not even bucking her hips helped. The vibrator stayed in place. Rebel could not fight off the orgasm. She was crying even before her husband’s belt landed on her ass cheeks for the first time. Two. Three. Scream. Four. Five. The buzzing at her clitoris almost immediately started again. Just before Rebel wanted to let go of her restraint and climax, the buzzing stopped.

Slowly the double-ended dildo was removed. First from her pussy, then from her ass. But not before it was pushed in and out of her ass a couple of times. Just before it was completely pulled from her ass, two hands grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled them apart and held it like that. Lubricant was dripped into her ass. Rebel felt the cool fluid running into her body. The hands let go of her buttocks. Rebel was left untouched for a couple of minutes, allowed to take a mental breath.

The two ladies sat down on the bed, on either side of Rebel. They slipped their hands in under Rebel’s body, cupping her breasts, fondling her nipples. Someone else got on the bed too. It was her husband. She felt the coldness of a buttplug pressing against her lubricated asshole. It was her big, heavy, jeweled buttplug. She felt it pressing firmer, felt her asshole being stretched. Rebel was surprised when the plug of four centimeters in diameter slipped easily into her hole.

“You are well prepared for the next round, whore wife,” her husband said lovingly, with a smile on his face. He kissed her ass cheeks, kissed the welts. The women disappeared as the bus pulled into the next bus stop. Rebel’s legs were untied and the pyramid pillow was removed from under her. As she rolled over on her back, twelve men stood there, smiling at her with lust in their eyes.

To be continued… Six times double (1/2)

© Rebel’s Notes

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