Bus tour: Intermezzo

Continued from Six times double (2/2)

While Rebel was in the bathroom the bus started moving again. She was fully prepared that some strange people would be waiting for her when she went back to the bedroom. But no one was there. Only her husband. She smiled at him, thankful that at least there would be some break for her. She enjoyed all that happened to her, but she was tired after a whole day of being fucked.

However, her husband had other plans. He took her in his arms and held her. She sighed and just enjoyed the moment.
“I loved seeing you fucked and used by all those people,” he whispered.
Before she could say something, he continued.
“It made me very horny. I think it’s time that I fuck you too,” he said, “but before I do that, there is something else that needs to be done.”

He turned around, walked to the other side of the bed and picked up something from the floor. It was a flogger. He walked back to stand right in front of her.
Looking down on her, he said: “I believe you had some orgasms without permission, did you not, my love?”
She nodded.
“And you know that I cannot just ignore the fact that you have disobeyed me, don’t you?”
She nodded again.

Moments later, at her husband’s request, she was spread-eagled on the bed, face down. Her arms and legs were bound. She had a pillow shoved in under her.
“Nicely presented, just as I like it,” her husband says as he gently touched her behind.
She was surprised when the first time the flogger touched her, it did not hurt. Was he being gentle? No, he was not. He built it up. The blows of the flogger came down harder and harder on her bottom. Rebel screamed into the bed below her. By the time that the flogging stopped, she had tears in her eyes.

Her hands and feet were untied. He rolled her over on her back and kneeled between her legs. Supporting himself on his hands on either side of her body, he bent forward and kissed her passionately. A lightning bolt of love surged through her body. He bit her neck. He bit her nipples. He kissed her stomach. Kissed her pussy. Her stomach again. She gasped as he bit her nipple hard and shoved his cock deep into her at the same moment. There was no more sweetness from his side.

He rammed his hard cock in and out of her. Slamming his hips against her thighs. He was taking her with force. This was all about his pleasure and none about hers. Their eyes locked. His was filled with pure lust. She did not feel the hurt of his hips banging against her inner thighs anymore. The lust in his eyes took hold of her. She wanted him to take her like this. She needed him to do this – to claim her as his, with force. His primal growl when he climaxed sent shivers down her spine.

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Rebel was ordered to go to the bathroom again, to clean herself up. When she returned to the bedroom, the lady on the bus was waiting for her next to the bed. On display on the bed were some lingerie items – a quarter cup bra, a garter belt and a thong. Next to it was a short skirt, a see through blouse and stockings. Rebel was helped to get dressed. She was about to put on the high heels next to the bed when the bus came to a halt.

Through the windows Rebel could see that dusk was just falling after the long summer’s day. Not far from the bus she saw a big country house. Some cars were parked close to it. Where were they? She knew that she would soon find out…

To be continued… The club (1/2)

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