I had an assignment. On Thursday afternoon I received an email from my Husband, with these words in it:

Assignment: photograph yourself while you “play” (= handle deep inside)
with the brush in your drawer. By tomorrow it must be done.

A couple of weeks ago I had to photograph the contents of the drawers of my desk. This assignment was a follow-up from that.

Like a good girl, I carried out the assignment very early the next morning. I knew if I did not I would be nervous all day long. I went to the bathroom, took my pants and panties off and sat down on the floor. While making the pictures, one thought crossed my mind: I really am His slut and I love it!

This was the result of my assignment:

Sinful Sunday

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Brush

  1. *Jaw drops*
    I think we own the same hair brush.
    First my paddle brush, used in an entirley different way, now this one.

    Brushing my hair will never be the same again!

    Beau x

  2. So very sexy! The brush means something very different in this household….a very sore bottom. I think I like your version better!


  3. I'll bet that was nerve-wracking to do at work, but still a delightful assignment. I'm just starting to get assignments myself and I love the underlying message 🙂

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