To pierce or not to pierce?

Years ago, in a previous lifetime, I had my nipples pierced for the first time. After a couple of months I took the piercings out, because they just did not heal. Then, about 6 years ago, I had my nipples pierced for the second time. I loved having them pierced again, but again it seemed as if my body rejected them. I took them out after I had them for close to a year. Yet again they just did not heal properly. I loved my piercings! All I have left of them now are some beautiful pics.

Recently my nipples started itching again. I seriously started thinking about having them pierced for the third time. When Hubby remarked that He loves the three piercings I have but that He wants me to have five in total, I was even more convinced that I will have my nipples pierced again. I know that Hubby would much rather have my labia pierced, but that is something that I am not very keen on. So I thought to take the ‘easy’ way out and just have my nipples pierced.

But then… I do have my doubts. Serious doubts. Twice before it did not heal. And what if Hubby cannot use the clamps on me anymore? Or what if I have piercings and he twists my nipples the way I like and then a piercing tears from my nipple? And how am I ever going to be able to wear my charms with it? Too many doubts. Thinking. Doubting. Thinking more. Reaching a decision.

No nipple piercings. My nipples will be decorated with my charms, making me feel naughty, making me feel sexy.

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11 thoughts on “To pierce or not to pierce?

  1. @Molly
    I love my nipples to be pulled and twisted and clamped… and I think to have piercings again will change that. Are you going to try to have them done one by one?

  2. Beautiful pic! Mine are pierced and I LOVE them…but I agree with you. Your body is telling you something, pay attention to it.
    Now I'm going to settle down and read some more of your blog.
    And thank you for the comment on mine!

  3. I had mine pierced back in January, and I love them. Couldn't imagine re-piercing though… :s
    Nipple charms are definitely a beautiful way to go, I've seen some truly spectacular ones.

    I'm not rushing back to pierce, having just done my clit piercing last month, but my next ones will likely be the labia.


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