To pierce or not to pierce?

Years ago, in a previous lifetime, I had my nipples pierced for the first time. After a couple of months I took the piercings out, because they just did not heal. Then, about 6 years ago, I had my nipples pierced for the second time. I loved having them pierced again, but again it seemed as if my body rejected them. I took them out after I had them for close to a year. Yet again they just did not heal properly. I loved my piercings! All I have left of them now are some beautiful pics.

Recently my nipples started itching again. I seriously started thinking about having them pierced for the third time. When Hubby remarked that He loves the three piercings I have but that He wants me to have five in total, I was even more convinced that I will have my nipples pierced again. I know that Hubby would much rather have my labia pierced, but that is something that I am not very keen on. So I thought to take the ‘easy’ way out and just have my nipples pierced.

But then… I do have my doubts. Serious doubts. Twice before it did not heal. And what if Hubby cannot use the clamps on me anymore? Or what if I have piercings and he twists my nipples the way I like and then a piercing tears from my nipple? And how am I ever going to be able to wear my charms with it? Too many doubts. Thinking. Doubting. Thinking more. Reaching a decision.

No nipple piercings. My nipples will be decorated with my charms, making me feel naughty, making me feel sexy.


Sinful Sunday

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