Pouring rituals

(A fantasy)

Neither Rebel, nor her friend could endure the heat in a sauna for long. However, every time that they were at the spa, they tried one or two of the saunas. On this visit they decided to try one of the Finnish saunas, mainly because it was said to have a pouring ritual where afterwards one would get a glass of Amarula, a South African drink Rebel and her friend loved!

They checked the schedule and decided to go to the pouring ritual that was planned for the evening, just after dinner. At dinner both of them had two glasses of wine, and by the time they went to stand in line to enter the sauna for the pouring ritual, they were both in a very good mood… and horny! They both stood with their towels wrapped around them and were laughing and talking. Some of the ladies close to them joined their conversation. By the time they were allowed to enter the sauna, the conversation had a light sexual undertone.

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When Rebel and her friend sat down in the middle of the top bench inside the sauna, the ladies whom they were talking to sat down on either side of them. Seven of them were now seated on the top bench. They were sitting on their towels. Rebel’s friend was seated on her right. Rebel noticed that one of the ladies on the other side of her friend was looking at the tattoo on her leg. Every time they have been to the sauna, they were curious as to who would recognize the symbol on Rebel’s leg. The woman was looking at the tattoo in such a way that it was clear that she knew the symbol. She turned to the two women on the other side of her, whispered and then Rebel noticed both of them looking at the tattoo too. She smiled at them, looked in front of her, talked to one of the woman on her left and then turned to her friend.

“The ladies on your side have recognized my tattoo,” Rebel whispered in her friend’s ear.
“I know,” she said, “they wanted to know whether you are a dominant or a submissive. I told them.”
At that moment the ritual in the sauna started. Water, mixed with some Amarula, was poured on the hot coal in the open stove and the steam that came from that spread around. Rebel felt her body heating up and where normally she would want to go outside to cool off, she now enjoyed it. She could also smell the Amarula and when she licked her lips, she tasted it. She felt hornier than she was, but knew nothing could be done about it. Halfway through the ritual the ladies were asked to stand up and splash some of the water that was provided on their bodies.

While they were splashing water over their bodies, two of the three women who were admiring her tattoo earlier, were standing on either side of Rebel. They ran their hands over her back, down to her buttocks, squeezing. Rebel looked at both of them alternately and then to her friend, who was standing behind her. Her friend smiled at her and mouthed “enjoy”. Rebel was shocked and excited at the same time. Being horny made her weak. She surrendered to the touch, which was not allowed by the rules of the spa.

During the second half of the pouring ritual, things got even hotter, and not only because of the steam filling the space they were in. The two women, who touched her during the splashing of the water, were now sitting on either side of Rebel and their hands were on her back and buttocks most of the time. When the pouring ritual was over, all of the ladies were invited to have a glass of Amarula outside the sauna. They all walked outside, got a glass. Rebel was led right back into the sauna. The two women who were constantly touching her and her friend were now in the sauna with her. They could hear the talk and laughter of the other women who attended the pouring ritual just outside the door. The women were enjoying their glasses of Amarula, not aware of what was happening behind the closed door of the sauna. What Rebel did not know was that the women who guided her back into the sauna have done this ritual many times before. They knew that they had the sauna all to themselves for about half an hour – as long as it takes the crowd outside to have their drinks and disperse.

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Inside the sauna the two women led Rebel back to the spot where she was sitting earlier. Her towel was laid out, her glass of Amarula was taken from her and she was asked to lie down. She did. She gladly submitted to this treatment, sensing that both the women seemed to be dominant. The right side of her body was on the edge of the bench. Her right foot was lifted and put on the level below her, where the two women were standing. Rebel watched as one of the women poured Amarula over her body. The liquid was spread all over her body. Rebel’s nipples were pinched; her pussy lips were pinched and massaged roughly. Having her pussy lips pulled, pinched and handled roughly almost made Rebel climax.

She gasped when Amarula was smeared out over her pussy lips. Looking to her right, she noticed the woman standing right next to her applying Amarula to her pussy too. The woman swung a leg over Rebel’s body and lowered herself over Rebel’s face. Rebel smelled the Amarula before she tasted it. Her nose pressed against the crack between the woman’s ass cheeks. Rebel stuck her tongue out, touching the woman’s slit. Even with the Amarula on her tongue, she tasted the wetness of the woman. Rebel pushed her tongue deep into the wetness of the woman. She used her hands to open the pussy lips above her even wider and to guide the woman closer to her mouth. Rebel sighed as she felt her tongue touching the hard clitoris of the woman. At the same time her legs involuntarily parted even more when she felt warm breath on her own pussy.

Rebel’s legs were held wide; her pussy was sucked hard. Her clitoris was lightly bitten; her pussy lips were pulled and pinched. The woman above her pulled her nipples. It hurt even more because her fingers kept on snapping off her nipples due to the slipperiness caused by the Amarula. Her breasts were slapped; it caused her nipples to harden even more, her pussy to leak it’s wetness on the towel below her. Rebel sucked the pussy above her, enjoying the taste. Amarula dripped on her chin as the woman above her poured more of the liquor on her body. Rivers of Amarula ran into the woman’s pussy. Rebel tasted it on her tongue and sucked harder to get all of it. The woman above her groans as she lowered herself a bit more, now almost sitting on Rebel’s face. Rebel fucked the pussy with her tongue. She hugged the woman’s hips, pulled her buttocks apart and ran her tongue to the back, touching the woman’s asshole with her tongue. She had never done something like this ever before, but the wine she had, the Amarula she had, the combination of the alcohol with the horniness… Rebel did not care anymore. She wanted to taste it all! She did – when the woman shuddered and climaxed, the taste of her juices replaced the taste of Amarula.

Source: konachan.com

Still standing above her, the woman bent forward and put each of her arms around one of Rebel’s thighs. She pulled Rebel’s legs apart, lifting her halfway in the air in the process. The woman between Rebel’s legs now had full access to Rebel’s holes. However, her mouth worked its magic only on Rebel’s pussy. She started slapping Rebel’s buttocks. First soft, then harder. The harder she slapped, the harder she sucked. The harder she sucked, the more Rebel’s buttocks burnt. Rebel was kept on the brink of an orgasm. Her eyes were closed. Her head rolled from side to side. It was when she opened her eyes and saw her friend on the bottom bench that her orgasm came very close to explosion. Her friend was sitting on the bottom bench, her legs spread wide, her hand between her legs. She was watching the scene above her. Watching her chest, Rebel could see that she was breathing heavily. Rebel arched her back, pushing her pussy into the woman’s mouth. She and her friend had their eyes locked together. They saw their own horniness reflected in the other’s eyes. Simultaneously the best friends climaxed – one brought to orgasm by her own hand, the other by the soft female mouth of a total stranger. The two friends smiled at each other in total understanding.

Shortly after the door opened, just as the women were gathering their towels to leave the sauna.

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