New Rule

Three months ago I wrote a post called Twitter Thoughts.

Recent events have made me read that post again. I was actually going to write a new post on my twitter thoughts, but three months ago I said all that should be said. In a new post I would have said exactly the same. However, there are two paragraphs that I would like to quote here, if only to constantly remind myself of this:

I did not only start with twitter to be able to promote my blog – I started because I was looking for some online sexy fun. Yes, I hope to get in touch with someone there with whom I could have some sexy fun in real life. There are people on there who I would love to have a relationship with, but they live on the other side of the world. Nothing to be done about it, so I don’t sulk. That is just the way it is. Deal with it. Who knows, twitter might be the medium through which I meet a likeminded lady in this country, with whom I can have a sexy relationship. Or I might meet her somewhere else. Who knows? None of us know what is waiting for us around the corner.

Do not try to ‘claim’ me on twitter. I have committed myself to one person and one person only. My Husband is not only my Husband, but my Dom. He owns me. He decides what I do when it comes to sex. Not in any other part of my life, because I am an independent woman, with lots of life experience and with a very responsible job. I can definitely think for myself and make my own decisions. But I have CHOSEN to submit myself to my Husband. I WANT him to own me. That does not make me weak at all. In fact, it makes me STRONG.

I was very upset by the recent events I mentioned in the first paragraph. Details of what happened will not be mentioned here, but it left me very emotional. I discussed it with my Husband. I discuss everything with him, because he is not only my Dom, but he’s also my Husband and my soul mate.

As said in the second paragraph in the quote, I am an independent woman and I can definitely think for myself and make my own decisions. My Husband does not decide about everything, but he is the one who makes decisions when it comes to my body and sex. My vision regarding this was clouded because I fell in lust with someone I have met online. Expectations were raised months ago, but when the interested seemed to fade, I had to work through my disappointment. Recently expectations were raised again, but this time I was the one who disappointed. Disappointed, because I still have the same point of view as in the first paragraph of the quote above.

When I discussed this with my Husband and Him seeing my pain, He drew the line. He reminded me that He is the one who decides what happens to my body. That in suggesting any kind of commitment with anyone online, I am messing around with his property. He set a new rule: I am allowed to flirt online with whomever I want, but there will be no commitments, no sexual or other ‘relationships’ other than friendship with anyone – male or female. If it happens that I meet some twitter friend in real life, He will still be the one who decides whether I will or will not engage in any sexual encounter with the person. Relationships are for real life – whether with someone of twitter or not – flirting is for both virtual and real life. My body is His – I am His – and He is the only one who makes any decisions regarding it.

Whether I like this new rule or not, I will stick to it. At least I have not been forbidden to flirt online…

(written on 31.08.2011)

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8 thoughts on “New Rule

  1. @Jezzy
    Thanks for your sweet words, Jezz.
    Oh how I wish we lived closer together… you, me, betterlate and Tigress… Oh, what fun would we have 🙂
    ~Flirty Rebel~

  2. What a wonderful and eloquent blog Rebel. I will use it tonight to discuss how I feel with my BF and how I relate to him. In many ways I echo the D/s relationship you have with your Husband with the exception that we are both switch and therefore there is a different dynamic, however, the “whose body my body ultimately belongs to” (apart from me) has a very similar feel to me as yours does for you.

    Thank you for such a wonderfully written and very personal blog.

    Take care

    Mistress Mia

  3. I am sorry to hear of your heartache, virtual or otherwise but glad to know you have someone you love and trust to help you through it and try to protect you. I am glad you can still flirt 😉 as you are one of my favorite people on twitter and I love having our flirty fun sexy conversations. I wish we were closer… xoxo Jezzy

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