Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

I don’t really have one favorite toy. I have several…

Those that spring to mind now are:
* My small blue finger vibrator
* My fairy vibrator
* My njoy butt plug
* My small white vibrator

I can slip the small blue finger vibrator on my finger and wear it as a ring. It has a strong vibration and I love to hold it against my clitoris and bring myself to orgasm. The vibrations are so strong that I sometimes have to stop as it can overstimulate my clitoris, which is not always a nice feeling.

I have come to love the fairy vibrator. One reason is that its vibrations can hardly be heard, but the main reason is that the vibrations are heavenly. The first time my Husband used it on me, I thought I was going to die. The vibrations were very intense, almost too intense to handle. And then he did not even have it at full speed. The orgasms I have when the fairy vibrator teases my special button are amazing. Writing this, I think I should use it a lot more than I do!

My njoy butt plug was probably the best toy we ever bought. I had another butt plug, but it hurt me so very much. I asked advice and was told about the njoy butt plug. I bought the medium plug and now just love to wear the plug. It feels amazing, is comfortable and doesn’t hurt me at all!

Then there’s my small white vibrator. It makes a terrible noise when it’s on, but that I don’t mind. I don’t use it for vibrations, but I love to feel it in my ass. I love having something in my ass when I have an orgasm, and this vibrator gives just the feeling that I want. Although, my Husband’s fingers will always be the best…

(written on 20.08.2011)

© Rebel’s Notes

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