Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

Respect. Consent. Safe.

In my view, there are some things that are totally unethical. Pedophilia is one of them. Children should be allowed to be children as long as possible and they should not get in touch with any sexual interactions with an adult. A child cannot consent to this way of play and an adult that enters into any sexual action with a child, certainly has not respect at all for that child. These kinds of sexual encounters are not safe either. Children are scarred for life. I will never be able to understand pedophilia, let alone respect any person if he/she chooses to engage in this way of living.

In this same category I place sex with mentally disabled people or elderly people. You sometimes hear about caretakers in old age homes or in institutions who have engaged in sexual actions with the mentally disabled or elders.

I guess what this all boils down to is that I think it’s ethical that there are sexual encounters – kinky or not – between people of more or less the same level of intellect and understanding about it. Two (or more) people who respect each other and fully consent to the kink. Only when there is respect for each other and when there is consent between the sexual partners, can sex also be safe.

Safe. Consent. Respect.

(written on 21.08.2011)

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