Day 10: What are your hard limits?

Limits are something we have spoken about many times. Every time when I think I have reached my limit, we take it just a bit further and I then realize the limit has not been reached.

I have read a lot about bdsm and also seen a lot of images. Most of what I have read and seen appealed to me. I love the sight of a woman bound by rope or a woman cuffed and chained. Seeing a woman on a table or a bed, waiting for whatever would happen to her, excites me too. Clamped nipples or clamped labia – such an erotic sight!

The first time my Husband spurted his cum on my tits and chin, I thought that I had reached a hard limit. The first time was awkward. I had to stop thinking of the ‘mess’ on my body. Once I did, I enjoyed what he did – him using me, ‘soiling’ me with his juices. Will I do piss play? No. Poo play? No, definitely not! that certainly is a hard limit for me. As are kids and animals. No go there!

Another hard limit is cutting and needles or any other kind of ‘mutilation’ of the body. And hereby I do not include the marks that can be left on a body by whipping or flogging. Those are marks I will proudly wear, but I will not have any needles stuck into me and neither will I have cuts made on my body, or cut myself. That is a hard limit for me. I do not judge others who do this, though. Hell, I might be doing things they see as a hard limit. Mutual respect is something I deeply believe in. We each love our D/s relationships the way we want, and no one can tell you that it is right or wrong.

We each decide on our own hard limits… and sometimes discover that a limit is not a limit after all.

(written on 20.08.2011)

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8 thoughts on “Day 10: What are your hard limits?

  1. I was reading your blog tonight, love it 🙂 I'm devoted to my hubby 🙂 after 11 years together we've been exploring my 'kinky' side the last few months as well as his. Really like reading your explorations with your hubby.

  2. There are things that in the beginning, We said we would never do, and now we do on a regular basis. It is indeed interesting how when you push limits, that line gets further and further away.

  3. Funny how limits shift and change with time and experience. Things you thought you'd never do, you find yourself interested in. Being open to the new keeps it exciting.


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