Confessions & Punishment (2 of 2)

Continued from… Confessions & Punishment (2 of 2)

Fresh out of the bathroom the next morning, I put the clothes I wanted to wear on the bed. Then I got my charms out and put those on the bed too. My Husband was still in the room. I got my plug out and put it on the bed, not looking at Him. He left the room to make us some coffee and I got dressed. The plug was lubricated a bit and I slowly pushed it into my ass. The steel felt heavier than other times, maybe because of the circumstances in which I would be wearing the plug this day. Before I left for work, He checked whether He could feel the plug. Somehow I knew He was going to check.

Being at my work with the plug in was torture. I had the feeling that everyone could see that my ass was filled up – either by the way I walked or maybe by the expression on my face. I never knew that I walked around that much at work! Or that I moved around on my office chair that much. Constantly, every minute of the day, I was aware of the plug. The worse part of the day was when I needed to go to the bathroom and I needed to take it out. I was afraid of being caught by one of my colleagues, but thankfully this did not happen.

On twitter I actually told someone that it was torture to have to wear my plug all day. He said that it’s not, that it would have been torture if my Husband did not punish me for not following his orders. I only needed a couple of seconds to think about that. I realized that he was right. I totally agreed: it would have been torture if my Husband would just have said: okay, it’s a valid reason not to wear your charms. I know, I said I expected that He would just say this. But at that moment when it was pointed out to me, I knew that I would have been tortured by the thought that no matter what I do, He would be okay with it. The plug did not feel better after that, but my mood did.

I had a long day. It felt much longer than usual. When I returned home from the studio that evening, we talked for a bit. He granted me permission to take the plug out about half an hour before we went to bed. After wearing the plug for sixteen hours, I was relieved to be able to take it out. Even though I was relieved, I still felt empty. And I was horny. I needed an orgasm. All through the day I was wet, constantly.

When we went to bed and He got into bed besides me, I waited. It was very late already. Fifteen minutes later still nothing has happened and I had the feeling that He wanted to go to sleep.

(How I hate moments like this when I have the words perfectly formed in my head and I just cannot get them pass my lips. Moments when I knew that if I touch him, he will know that just what I need. Why can’t I just say it or do it? Why is it so difficult?)

I felt tears welling up and decided to go to the bathroom again under the guise that I had to pee. There I dried my tears and took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself down. I decided that it was obviously part of my punishment – that I have been a bad girl and that therefore He was not going to give me the orgasm He had mentioned the evening before. In the bathroom I decided that I would just go to bed and sleep.

Back in bed He turned to me and put His hand on my breast.
“I guess you are quite horny,” He chuckled. I nodded, not trusting my voice.
“Then let’s do something about it. Otherwise you will not be able to sleep well.”
I nodded again. Since the nights are getting colder I am sleeping with pajama bottoms. He slipped His hand in them and found my waiting wetness. I sighed when He touched me. This is what I needed!

My pants were soon dropped next to the bed. His hand did not only find my wetness. It also found my clitoris and brought me several wet orgasms. And yes, it also found my ass. It felt so good when He slipped a finger inside. It felt even better when He pushed His thumb into my pussy. And it felt like heaven when I touched my clitoris and rubbed it just the way I liked it, until an all-consuming orgasm took hold of my body.

Have I learnt my lesson? Yes, I did. In future I will ask for permission when I think I should leave my charms off. Will I stop teasing Him, stop being mischievious? Never!

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