Confessions & Punishment (1 of 2)

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We were both in a nice mood and talking about different things, laughing. I was teasing Him, but for the love of it I just cannot remember what I was teasing Him about. I do remember this little conversation, though.

“Oh, I think I should confess something,” I said. He looked at me questioningly and it was clear that even though I already thought I might have said too much, He was not going to let me off the hook. I started to laugh very nervously and stood very close to Him before I spoke again. I was not looking at Him.
“I did not wear my charms yesterday.”
“Why not? You know you should wear them every day, right?”
I nodded.
“So why did you not wear them yesterday?”
“Because I thought that it’s okay to leave them off since I wore them the night before,” I giggled very nervously.
“Wearing them all night is no reason at all to not wear them the next day,” He said sternly.
I was still giggling, not because it was funny, but because I was nervous. Very much so.
“I will wear them every day from now on,” I said.
“You better, but I cannot just let this go. You will be punished,” He said. I looked at Him and wondered what my punishment would be. A spanking?
“You will wear your butt plug from the moment you get dressed for work tomorrow, until the moment you get undressed to go to bed,” He said.
I looked at Him in shock. He could not be serious about this! I had to work the next day. Surely, He was not serious!
“I have to work tomorrow. Must I wear it at my work?” I laughed, now even more nervous than before.
“But…” I started.
“No but… just do it!”

My giggling mood disappeared when I was in the bathroom, preparing to go to bed. Only then did I realize that He was dead serious. That He really meant for me to wear my plug all of the next day. He was really punishing me this time. I have grown so used to Him saying “that’s okay” when I thought I had a good argument for something. Now I must admit that normally these arguments have nothing to do with my standing orders or our D/s relationship. Still, when I told Him I left the charms off because I had them on all night I thought that He would say that it’s okay.

When I walked back into the bedroom, my giggles were gone. Even more so when I saw Him rummaging in his closet, where I knew all the sexy stuff were kept. He held a leather collar in His hand when He straightened up. I immediately saw that it was not my Histoire d’O collar, but one I never wore before. It actually looked like a short belt, with some studs on it and an iron ring in the front.
“What’s that?” I asked, even though I knew. What I actually wanted to know was what He was going to do with it.
“What does it look like it is?” He asked and the tone in his voice immediately told me that I should not play any games.
“A collar,” I answered.

By now He was behind me. I held my hair up so He could put the collar around my neck. It was a tight fit and I said it. Not a word escaped His mouth. The collar hurt me. The edges of it seemed sharper than my other collar. I waited for His return from the bathroom, constantly trying to adjust the collar a bit so it would feel less uncomfortable. By then I had already given it a name: the punishment collar. The collar and the knowledge of me wearing my plug the next day while at work, was a confirmation to me that I have pushed Him just a bit too far this time.

He returned to the bedroom and got in bed next to me. I wondered whether He was going to order me to sleep with the collar. He was quiet for a while.

“You have a choice,” He said. My hopes flared up! Was He going to tell me that I don’t have to wear my plug the next day?
“You can either sleep with the collar around your neck or you can get on your knees, suck me, swallow my cum and then sleep without the collar.”
Darn! But then I thought… there might still be some hope. If I choose to suck Him and swallow his cum, He might still decide that I don’t have to wear my plug the next day.
“I will suck and swallow,” I said in a small voice.

While I did, I felt myself go very wet. I wished He would touch me, but all He did was to hold my hair up so He could see my mouth move up and down His hard cock. I swallowed His cum, still hoping He would at least grant me one orgasm. This He knew.
“I guess you are horny now, my love. But part of your punishment is that I will not touch you tonight. Tomorrow night, after you have worn your plug all day, I am sure you will be very wet and then you may have your release.”

He removed the collar and we went to sleep.

To be continued… Confessions & Punishment (2 of 2)

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