Bus Tour: Preparation (2/3)

Continued from Preparation (1/3)

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When Rebel heard the buzzing sound, she knew. Toys! That was in the bag: toys! How many toys did the ladies bring with them? And even more importantly: what toys did they bring with them? And what exactly were the ladies planning to do with the toys? The buzzing toy touched her leg and was run up and down her thigh. Another toy started to buzz and her other leg received the same treatment. The vibrating toys continued their buzzy dance around her buttocks. Still her holes have not been touched, but Rebel could feel her own wetness. She knew it could be seen too!

The ladies moved the buzzing toys closer to Rebel’s holes, still not touching it. By now Rebel longed for her pussy to be touched. She sighed audibly when the toys touched the outside of her pussy lips. It was clear that the ladies were carefully avoiding the wet inside. The buzzing ran on to the inside of her buttocks, not touching that hole either. Then back down, towards her pussy, now closer to the wetness. Up and down; each time coming closer to the wetness of her pussy. When unexpectedly one of the vibrators pressed down hard on Rebel’s clitoris, she instantly climaxed. There was no way she could hide the orgasm, partly because of the sound she made, partly because of the wetness dripping from her pussy.

The buzzing of the vibrators stopped. The touching stopped. Rebel felt the two ladies getting off the bed. She heard her husband approaching the bed. Oh god no, she thought. She knew what was coming. She loathed the belt. Her husband appeared in her line of sight. She watched as he took his belt off. She watched as he gripped the belt halfway with his left hand. His right hand was positioned a bit behind his left. She counted as the blows touched her ass cheeks. One. Sigh. Two. Grunt. Three. Groan. Four. Suppressed scream. Five. Tears.

Without a word her husband walked away, out of her line of sight. Rebel felt the ladies on the bed again. The buzzing of the vibrators started all over again. Gently two cool hands covered the welts the belt has left. This time when the vibrator touched her clitoris, she willed herself not to climax. Another vibrator was inserted in her pussy – moving in and out – making it even harder not to orgasm. Rebel got wetter and wetter. And hornier. She was very much in need of another climax, but she managed to keep herself from going there by remembering the hurt of her spanking.

Both the vibrators stopped their buzzing. Two hands pulled Rebel’s buttocks apart. Something cool dripped on fully exposed asshole. Lubricant. No doubt. Then something pressed against her asshole. Rebel recognized the coolness of the object – a steel buttplug. It was. The smallest size she had. The plug pressed harder, opening her asshole a bit. Rebel relaxed her muscles. She loved to have something in her ass. She was horny. She was pass the point of shame, of feeling humiliated. Rebel want to experience everything these two ladies would do to her. She knew that they were only carrying out her husband’s orders, the orders coming from his wicked mind.

The plug slips into Rebel’s asshole, but was pulled back again. And pushed in again. Her pussy tingled. She so wanted to be fucked at that moment, but knew better than to ask. Once the plug was in place, a dildo was pushed into her pussy, filling her up, fucking her. She battled against the orgasm that wanted to take hold of her. Battled and lost. This time she screamed with every blow of the belt. Screamed and cried. And climaxed again. Thankfully, her husband did not notice.

To be continued… Preparation (3/3)

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