Bus Tour: Preparation (1/3)

Continued from Fifteen times (3/3)

Rebel’s husband walked back to the bed. He looked down at his wife and smiled at her as he gently brushes his fingers against her cheek. Rebel smiled at him, feeling a rush of love going through her.
“I am going to untie you so you can go clean yourself up. When you come back, you will be bound again,” he said.

Rebel enjoyed the warm water streaming over her body. She was tired, but still very horny. She so wished that her husband would allow her to climax. Rebel’s hand moved over her body, touching her hard nipples, feeling the roundness of her breasts, gliding down over her tummy, touching her mound. A finger slipped between her lips. She touched her clitoris. Softly she rubbed it. And then she stopped. She could not continue. Rebel knew her husband would not approve. She turned off the water and grabbed a towel. Slowly she dried her body, before walking back into the room on the bus.

Two women were sitting on the bed. They smiled at Rebel when she appeared in the room. Before she could say anything, her husband spoke.
“These lovely ladies are here to prepare you,” he said, as if Rebel should understand what he meant. She did not. She was still standing close to the door of the bathroom. Her husband retreated to one of the recliner chairs. The women walked towards Rebel. Without saying a word, they ran their hands over her body, her breasts, her buttocks, her thighs, her back. Their touch was light and soft. Erotic.

They guided Rebel to the bed. In the middle of the bed was a pillow in the shape of a pyramid. On each side of the bed Rebel saw straps and on the end of those straps were broad Velcro cuffs. A chain ran from under the pyramid pillow and attached to it was a leather cuff. Rebel correctly suspected that there was another cuff on the other side of the pillow. At the bottom end of the bed, on the floor, was a huge bag. Rebel wondered what was in the bag, but she had a feeling that she would know before these ladies got off the bus. Standing next to the bed, the ladies turned to her. Each of them ever so softly licked Rebel’s nipples. It was as if her nipples were somehow connected to her pussy. She felt the longing deep inside of her. Rebel felt the wetness inside her, waiting to escape her folds.

“I want you to lie down on the bed,” her Husband spoke, “on your tummy.”
Rebel looked at the strange pillow in the middle of the bed. Her husband nodded and spoke again.
“Your hips should rest on the pillow,” he ordered.

Rebel positioned herself on the pillow. Her ass was high in the air, held their by the firm pillow. Her upper body was supported by the slope of the pillow, her shoulders and head were resting on the bed. Her arms were by her sides, her hands on either side of the pillow. The leather cuffs were placed around her wrists. The chain running underneath the pillow prevented her from moving her hands upwards to her ass or legs.

The other side of the pyramid pillow supported her thighs. Even though it was an awkward position to be in, Rebel felt comfortable. She heard the familiar sound of Velcro pieces being pulled from each other. Simultaneously the broad Velcro cuffs were put around her legs, just above her knees. Rebel thought it an odd place for the cuffs, but thought that it might be in preparation of something that would happen later. However, what she felt next had her understand differently. The straps on the Velcro cuffs were tightened, pulling her knees to the side. Her legs were now almost straddling the pyramid pillow under her. Rebel’s felt humiliated, being spread so wide in front of the two strange ladies. She could feel the air brushing her pussy and her ass. She knew that her most secret places were not secret anymore. She was fully exposed and at the mercy of whatever her husband and the ladies have planned for her.

Rebel felt hands on her buttocks. They softly stroke her. They moved in circles, touching only the roundness of her, avoiding her holes. Hands ran down the back of her legs, lightly touching her. Rebel felt hands on her back. She could not see the women, they were sitting between her widely spread legs. She did not know where her husband was, but suspected that he was looking at the ladies from his easy chair. As if he heard her thoughts, he spoke.

“In the next half an hour, these two fine ladies will prepare you for your next adventure, my love. You are forbidden to orgasm. Don’t forget that. If you disobey, you will be belted five times for each orgasm. Understood?”
“Yes, Sir,” Rebel answered.
“Enjoy your preparation,” he chuckled and his voice sounded somewhat closer. At the same moment Rebel heard the sound of a zipper. She instantly understood that the bag at the bottom of the bed had been opened. Some thump sounds could be heard when the contents of the bag were emptied on the bed, between the two ladies, between Rebel’s legs.
“Enjoy, ladies,” Rebel’s husband chuckled again.

To be continued… Preparation (2/3)

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