Bus Tour: Fifteen times (3/3)

Continued from Fifteen times 2/3

Rebel looked at the clover clamps. What we He going to do with them? Those clamps hurt her nipples so much. It never cuts off the blood flow the same as other clamps, causing it to hurt all the time. Sometimes she can handle the pain, sometimes not.

She was horrified when her husband got on the bed and attached the clover clamps to her outer labia. That hurt so much more than when he put them on her nipples. She kept her eyes shut tight and concentrated on her breathing. Rebel tried to ignore the pain, but when male number nine suddenly entered her, the pain could not be ignored anymore. The man paid no attention to the clamps. He pounded in and out of her, moving the clamps, making them hurt her even more. When he climaxed and pulled out of her, Rebel looked at her Husband pleadingly. He knew exactly why. He was still shaking his head when the tenth man got on the bed.

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This man straddled her body, almost sitting on her stomach. He pressed her breast together harshly. His half-hard cock was between her breasts. He started fucking her breasts and as his member grew harder, it brushed up against Rebel’s chin. She could feel the wetness of his precum. Deep down she hoped that he would just climax this way, spraying her face with his fluids, but soon her hope faded. When his cock was hard, he moved to between her legs and entered her. Slowly he moved in and out of her, looking down at her pussy. The hurt spread through her labia. It excited her as much as she loathed it. One thing it did too – which Rebel would have realized was a good thing if she could think through the hurt – was to keep her urge to climax to a minimum. Man number ten also sprayed his cum over here tummy.

Mister Eleven entered her clamped pussy with force. He was also watching himself enter her pussy. Rebel was shocked when he pulled on the chain attaching the two clamps, spreading her pussy lips wide. One of the other men who was still standing in line to fuck her, bent over and started to stimulate her enlarged clitoris. Being fucked and having her clitoris stimulated at the same time could have sent Rebel into another orgasm, but the pain still prevented it from happening. The different feelings down there made her nipples grow even harder than they already were.

Once the eleventh guy moved away from her, her husband moved closer. He removed the clamps – something else she loathed. This hurt even more than putting the clamps on and with her hands tied, she could not cover her pussy the way she normally would. She had not time to think about that, as number twelve was already on the bed, ready to enter her. He ran his cock up and down her slit, spreading the juices and teasing her clitoris with the head of his member. When he entered her it was with forceful thrusts. After each thrust he waited a couple of seconds before he slowly pulled out and pushed back into her – hard. Rebel felt something stir deep inside her. A climax was starting to build again. Man number twelve pounded in and out for some minutes before aiming his cock at her clitoris. The first gush of his cum hit her clitoris, the rest dripped from her pussy lips onto the bed.

The thirteenth guy quickly took the place of the twelfth. He seemed in a hurry. His movements were quick and his climax almost just as quick. Rebel was thankful for this, as he did nothing to spark her climax again. When the fourteenth man got on the bed, he crouched over her the same way the fourth man did. Rebel knew what to expect. No, she did not, she realized when the fifteenth man got on the bed too. This man sat down and slid his legs under those of Rebel, the same way the eighth man did. He supported himself on his elbows, lifted his ass and entered Rebel’s wet pussy. Then he held still, his cock buried deep in her.

Number fourteenth crouched. His cock moved towards Rebel’s pussy. She gasped. She turned her head from side to side. She looked at her Husband, silently mouthing ‘no’ to him. He smiled, while looking at her with a warning in his eyes. Then He turned His attention back to the two cocks and her pussy. The second cock pressed against her pussy. It pressed harder. The wetness helped it to slowly slide into her pussy. Rebel could feel herself being stretched. Her labia will still tender after the abuse of the clamps. Having her hole stretched by two cocks, made her labia ache again.

Simultaneously the two cocks started to fuck her. At first Rebel gasped each time they entered her. Soon her pussy got used to the stretching and she started to enjoy being filled. Stuffed. Neither of the men could move at a high pace, but Rebel did not mind the slow fuck. She enjoyed the sensations in her body. Not only the physical sensations, but the mental sensations too. This had always been one of her fantasies, to be fucked by two men at the same time. But her fantasy had never been about two cocks in her pussy. Mentally, at that moment, she was in awe that two men could fuck her like this.

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It was the thoughts she had behind closed eyes that started to build the orgasm again. Involuntarily she tightened her muscles, wanting to push the climax away. When her pussy seemed to narrow and the cocks were pressed together, neither of the men could hold their climax back. Their fluids were partly sprayed inside Rebel and partly on her buttocks, her pussy and her stomach. When the men got off the bed, cum was dripping from her.

The fifteen men gathered their stuff together and they all got dressed. They paid no more attention to the bound woman on the bed. Rebel’s husband ignored her too as he shook the hands of each of the fifteen men, thanking them for their performances. The bus pulled into the next stop and the men disappeared.

To be continued… Preparation (1/3)

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  1. Honestly Marie , that story is so hot and in my erect excited state of being I was very intrested…. but in reality I’d be way to shy to join in ha ha.
    Nice fantasy though❤

    1. I still remember how much fun I had writing this series. Glass you enjoyed it 😉

  2. Very HOT!! I would love to have a queue of men waiting to fuck me. A very well portrayed fantasy 😉
    M x

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