Bus Tour: Fifteen times (2/3)

Continued from Fifteen times 1/3

Yet again it was as if someone heard her thoughts. One of the men climbed on the bed and kneeled between her spread legs. Her Husband repositioned himself so He had a good view on her pussy. The man on the bed stroked his cock one or two times and then pressed it against her pussy. He easily slipped into her. At first his movements were almost gently – only for a couple of thrusts. When he started to slam into her hard, Rebel felt an orgasm building. She remembered that she was not allowed to climax. Her nipples were still pulled by some of the men. She concentrated on the pain, trying to push her orgasm away. The man pounding between her legs suddenly stopped, pressing his cock deep into her pussy, his back stretched, his head thrown back. He groaned and at the same time Rebel felt the pulsating of the flesh inside her. Warm fluids filled her insides.

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Another man was between Rebel’s legs only seconds after the first got off the bed. He immediately started to fuck her very hard. The feeling that she was about to orgasm was back instantly. Rebel tried no to feel the movements in her cunt, but that was very difficult. She felt every movement. Her pussy was sensitive inside after the first pounding and this second fucking is only making the feeling more intense. She was happy when the man was done very quickly and got off the bed. The feeling of an orgasm about to explode subsided. Not for long. A third cock entered just there where the other two have been. This one fucked her with long, slow thrusts. It was nice, but did not bring back the feeling of an upcoming climax again. Rebel was surprised when the third man did not cum inside her, but sprayed his sticky fluids over her belly.

The fourth man positioned his feet on either side of Rebel’s body. Was he going to put his cock in her mouth, Rebel wondered. She was mentally prepared for it. However, the man crouched, his buttocks in the air and pushed his cock right into Rebel’s waiting putty. This position made him touch different spots inside her hole and suddenly the urge to have an orgasm was back again. Oh darn. Rebel did not know for how long she will be able to hold it. She really needed to climax. Again she was saved by the short time it took this man to climax. When he pulled out of her, cum was dripping of his cock onto her thighs. The need to orgasm subsided again.

The next three men – numbers five, six and seven were quick to orgasm too. Each of them brought Rebel on the brink of orgasm, but did not last long enough to push her over the edge. She was thankful for this, not knowing what would happen if she could not prevent her orgasm anymore.

Male number eight got on the bed, between Rebel’s legs and sat down. He slid his legs under Rebel’s and moved his crotch closer to hers. He entered her in a totally different angle than any of the other men and by rocking forwards and backwards he fucked her. The sensations in her cunt were too much to bare.

“May I please cum, Sir?” she asked through clenched teeth, concentrating not to just let her orgasm happen.
But Rebel could not hold it any longer. An major climax ripped through her body, causing her pussy muscles to contract and the man in her to climax too.
“Did you just climax, slut?” her Husband asked. She nodded.

When the ninth man wanted to get in the bed her husband stopped him. Rebel heard the sound of a chain and saw the clover clamps in her Husband’s hand.

“If you disobey, you have to be punished,” her Husband said, looking at her sternly.

To be continued… Fifteen times (3/3)

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