Bus Tour: Fifteen times (1/3)

Continued fromTongue fucking 2/2

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From far away Rebel heard voices. She was between sleep and wake. The voices sounded as if they came from inside a tunnel. As she came out of her sleep, she slowly opened her eyes. Suddenly she was wide awake. She wanted to sit up… she couldn’t. While she was asleep, she had been tied to the bed again. Her arms and legs were spread.

Around her stood the same men that she had sucked earlier that day. All of them with smiles on their faces – horny smiles! All of them holding their cocks. The cocks were in different stages of excitement. Rebel looked from side to side, seeing all these cocks and wondering whether she had to suck them all again. She knew that she would if her Husband orders her to.

As if He heard her thoughts, He emerged from behind some of the men.

“These men, my love”, He smiled, “are here to satisfy their needs. All you did this morning was to get them horny. Now they have to do something about that. And you are not allowed to climax.”

Rebel did not understand one thing of what He was saying. Was she now supposed to suck them again? He was not making any sense to her. Satisfy their needs? All of them sprayed their cum over her body that morning. Seemed like satisfaction to her! Rebel bit her tongue. She was not going to say anything, as she knew where that would get her. The men all took a step back as her Husband checked the restraints. He pulled the restraints on her arms tight, stretching her shoulders to the limit. A thick, firm, high pillow was shoved in under her ass. Her back arched. The restraints holding her feet tied to the bed were tightened. Rebel felt as if her pussy was on display. She knew that the men could look into her most intimate pink folds. She knew that they could see the wetness that lined the inside of her pink hole.

Source: konachan.com

Her Husband stood at the bottom end of the bed, watching her. He smiled and nodded. This was the sign for the men to go ahead and do what they came for. Still Rebel had no idea what awaited her. Fifteen pairs of hands started to touch her body. Hands ran through her hair. Fingers were stuck in her mouth so she could suck on them. Her nipples were tugged and pulled. Nails scratched her tummy. Her pussy lips were pulled – hard. She felt fingers in her pussy, spreading her wetness to her pussy lips and to her clitoris. Her clitoris was fondled, the piercing in it pulled, stretching her clitoris. The same was done to the piercings in her inner labia – it was pulled, opening her pussy to such an amount that she could feel the cool air on her wet insides. More hands moved up and down her legs.

The pulling of her nipples intensified. They were twisted and pinched. Rebel’s nipples grew harder. They hurt. The more they hurt, the wetter she became. She felt a trickle of wetness running down to between her buttocks. A fire was started inside her. A fire that took her to a state of mind where she willingly arched her back, offered these men her tits to use and abuse. A state of mind where she was on the brink of begging them to fuck her, to fill her pussy with a nice hard cock. The hands on her body moved all over, causing such a lot of sensations in her body – pain and pleasure – making her go wetter.

Making her crave for more…

To be continued… Fifteen times (2/3)

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