Body Issues

Show me a person who has no issues about his or her body. Even more so, show me a woman that is entirely happy with her body. Don’t we all have something about our bodies that we do not like? Has it not become almost normal to want to change something we have been born with? Hair too curly… legs too short… breasts too small… ass too big? We all have something we complain about. Something we are not happy about.

And yes, this means that I have it too. I have come to accept myself the way I am, as you have seen in recent posts. However, I too have my weak moments in which I do not feel happy with my body. Moments when I think that I should do something about my tummy and my ass, which are both just a bit rounder than they should be. Then I think: if I stop eating candy and chips, would it help? Or if I start to drink 2 liters of water per day, would that help me? Yes, it is healthy, but would I lose weight? And more so, would I lose weight in the right places? In a more rational moment I realize that I don’t eat that much candy or chips anymore and that even though I don’t drink water during the day, I do drink almost 2 liters of tea every day. After such a rational moment I am back to the point again where I just accept that I am the way I am.

Sometimes I look at my body, or photos of my body, and I wish that there was a miracle cure for stretch marks. I have stretch marks on my tummy, on my legs, on my hips and even some faint ones on my breasts. It sometimes seems as if they are still just as fresh as the day they first appeared on my body, but of course this is not the case. Yet again, in a rational moment I know that the stretch marks are like a road map of my life, telling the journey of my life. About my kids, about the period I was on heavy medicine which caused quite some weight gain. And then again I decide to just accept my body the way it is – stretch marks and all!

I feel the same about the scar I have on my tummy. It’s part of me and it’s ‘evidence’ of something that happened on the journey to where I am now. I am self-conscious about the scar and if you look closely on some photos, you might see it. Mostly I try not to have it on a photo.

There are always two sides to every story and the same goes for this one. Just as each and every person on the face of this earth have something about themselves that they are not happy with, each and every person have something they ARE happy with.


My eyes. My breasts. My pussy. My feet.

My eyes have always been something I am happy with. Hazel – that’s what they say the color is. I have noticed that they can be brownish when I am just content with everything around me, when I am happy. But they can also be green, which mostly means that I am in an angry mood. But mostly they are a mix of green and brown… hazel. Sometimes when I see photos of myself, I see the fun and laughter in my eyes, my mischievous nature. And I like that!

I love my breasts. They are not big. Actually, they are small. Just a handful. But they don’t hang at all, even though I have kids. I love the feel of my breasts in my hand and the way my nipple hardens under my touch. Rolling my nipple between my fingers is a nice feeling. I love the way my nipples feel. Yep, I love everything about my breasts. On my right breast I have two scars, but they never bothered me as much as the scar on my tummy.

My feet.

Yes, I know, I am skipping something. I will get to that in a moment.

My feet. My feet are nicely shaped. My toes are all in line, the second toe not longer than the big toe. My feet are not big, not small. Just the right size. And I think my toes are beautiful. My pinky toe is cutely tucked in under the toe next to it. Yes, my feet are definitely something on my body that I like too.

Then there’s my pussy. For years now – at least 20 – I have kept it clean shaven. That’s the way I like it. When not excited, my pussy lips are nicely closed and my inner labia nicely tucked inside. I love this. I love the perfect look of it. The way my pussy can take control of my body is something that excites me a lot. Going wet, making me think of nothing else than wanting it touch. Spreading my legs and looking at myself in a mirror, seeing the wetness of my cunt is something that excites me even more. The way my labia – inner and outer – parts to give access to my insides is a beautiful sight. During sex I love to look, love to see what is being done to my pussy – be it fingering, fucking or ‘just’ stimulating my clitoris. Yes, my pussy definitely is one part of my body that I am very happy about.

I have come to accept my body as it is, even though I do have moments of insanity when I think I should drastically change something about myself. But now I wonder… would you want to tell me what you like or do not like about your body?




PS: This week’s prompt for Wank Wednesday was #normal.

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8 thoughts on “Body Issues

  1. @Dangerous Lilly
    If I look at myself, I know that I should lose weight. I am not the ideal woman, bodywise, but I have come to accept myself the way I am. It was not easy and still I have my down days, but diets only made me gain weight, so no diet for me anymore. Hope you get to accept yourself the way you are. Each woman is beautiful in her own way.

  2. I enjoyed your notes and totally agree with you. I actually wrote a piece in June titled “You are what you bring to the party” along a similar line. I decided to accept myself for what I am and the things can not change naturally. No trips to the plastic surgeon for this gal.

  3. I have body and self-esteem issues, though both are way less than they used to be… I've become more philosophical in my old age ha! and I've definitely noticed things I like, which I couldn't do before so that's progress 🙂


  4. Long ago when I still did HNT once there was a “flaws” theme going around for a week and I didn't do it. But the following week I went ahead and wrote about it and there's quite a lot I'm not happy with. Working on changing it all though took a nose dive when we moved and my diet when out the window, lol

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