Ass training

Since weeks have gone by in which I never used my butt plug and since after the hectic time we have been through we wanted to get back to our D/s relationship, my Husband had his first order for me. Oh, I know more orders will follow – he asked me to make photos of my office and the things I have on my desk – but what he found the most important is to get my ass trained again. He wants my ass to be flexible and easy accessible.

Therefore my order was: every day of this week when I come home from work, I had to insert my plug and keep it in until we go to bed.

On Monday evening, the first day of being plugged, he came home and after he gave me a kiss, he sat down on his chair. I was ordered to stand on my knees in front of him. He asked whether I have remembered about the plug. My Husband wasn’t satisfied until he felt the plug and pushed against it a couple of times. I was already wet, but felt myself go even wetter. Not only because of the plug, but also because he was taking control. This is what I wanted. We are restarting our D/s relationship and nothing would stop us from it again. He told me that when we went to bed, he will claim my submission again.

He did.

My collar and my heels were ready when I returned to our bedroom from the bathroom. It felt good to have my collar around my neck again. I asked him whether I could wear my boots, but he refused. Once I had my shoes on and after he had lightly pulled my nipples, He told me to lie down on the bed. My leather cuffs – ankles and wrists – were put on me. The spreader bar – stretched to its full length – was put between my legs. He kissed my feet when he did this. I shivered. Shivered because it felt good, but more because of the charged atmosphere between us. A chain pulled my hands up above my head and kept them in place. Nipple clamps were put in place. It hurt. It felt as if it hurt more than before.

Very softly he touched my clitoris. His hand moved down. He dipped his fingers in my wetness and spread it to my button. Still very softly he started to rub my clitoris. He knew that my orgasm would soon follow.

“You are such a slut,” He said.
I nodded.
“You know that you are a slut, right?” He asked.
I nodded again.
“Say it. Tell me what you are.”
“I am your slut,” I said.
“Good girl.”

His fingers was still dancing around my clitoris. Just when I knew that my orgasm would soon explode and just before I could ask permission to climax, he stopped. At that moment I actually thought that it was my imagination that he stopped, but realized he did not since the feeling of an orgasm was gone. Then I felt his fingers again. They continued their journey up and around my clitoris. My orgasm built again. Again he stopped. I felt the frustration. I wanted to climax. Only when he stopped for a third time did I realize that he was deliberately making me edge. He kept this up for a couple of times before he told me that I was allowed to orgasm. The release was wonderful. So wonderfully nice that I wondered why I have never tried edging before. The release was not only wonderful, but very wet too.

Things get hazy after this. I was fucked by a vibrator and I had several orgasms. He slapped my cunt hard once because I did not keep my legs spread after a climax. He clamped my pussy lips and pulled on the chain between the two sets of clamps, hurting my nipples, hurting my labia. There was candle wax too, but I cannot remember when. I can remember the burning of the wax on my body. I tried my best to keep my legs together to prevent the wax from dripping on my pussy lips. I also remember him grabbing my breasts, squeezing them while the clamps were still on them. He removed the clamps from my labia and that hurt. My hands were still tied above my head. I could not cup my pussy like I normally do, to soothe the pain. He fingered me again, played with my clitoris. He made me climax hard again. Almost simultaneously with the orgasm he removed the clamps from my nipples. Oh my god, that hurt. A lot. Tears streamed down my cheeks. Tears of joy, tears of pain.

I heard him rumbling in the sex toy chest. He had a vibrator in his hand – my smooth white 20cm vibrator. I thought he was going to fuck my pussy with it again. When he reached for the lubricant, I knew that the vibrator would not enter my pussy. Very slowly it entered my ass. In. Out. In. Out. In a bit more. Out. Slowly the vibrator was pushed in. My Husband bent forward to lick my clitoris, while he fucked my ass with the vibrator. He licked me. The vibrator fucked me. I asked him if he would use his fingers on my clitoris. I wanted to feel more pressure. I was impatient. I wanted the orgasm. He kept a steady pace at which the vibrator moved in and out of me. His fingers pressed down harder on my clitoris. My orgasm was fierce, calling every fiber in my body to attention. Afterwards, He showed me that all except for the last two centimeters of the vibrator was in my ass. I guess wearing the plug for only one day had already helped to make my ass quite flexible.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I inserted my plug the moment I got home. These two nights I had to go out to the studio and driving over there made me feel the plug with every movement I made or every bump in the road, no matter how small. It was very stimulating and when I got home, I was wet. But these two nights he did nothing. We just went to sleep. I was horny but I did not ask anything. I took it that this was part of my training – wearing my plug, being stimulated, being horny, but having to deal with the feeling. This made me joke around with the plug, one time holding it like a gun, the next time telling him I am “Rebel Unplugged”. Hey, when I’m horny, I sometimes do funny things!

I was a good girl again on Thursday, inserting my plug when I got home. By the time we went to bed I was quite horny again. When he got to bed I asked him if he wanted to feel how wet I was.
“Prepare yourself if you want me to feel,” he ordered in a strict voice.
I pushed the blankets off me and opened my legs. I held my panties open for him to feel. He slipped his fingers in me and wanted to know why I was as wet as I was.
“Because of the plug, “I said. By then he had his fingers on my clitoris. I told him that I only asked him to feel.
“Shhhhh,” he whispered, “I know you want an orgasm. Cum for me. ”
I did. Twice. He stopped and lay down back on his pillow.
“I can fuck you if you want to, just ask,” he said. He knows how difficult I find it to do this. At first I said that we should just go to sleep. We had to go to work the next day, after all. But my horniness was just too much. After lying next to him with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes, I realized I would not be able to sleep.
“I think you should fuck me,” I said in a small voice.

Soon his hand was back on my pussy, on my clitoris. And after a couple of orgasms, he pushed his fingers deep into my ass. My hand was on my clitoris and I climaxed. He stood on his knees, pushed my legs up with his arms and entered me. I was almost folded double and when I looked down, I could see him fucking me. Seeing his animalistic movements as he pushed his hard cock in and out of me, made me shiver with pleasure and climax again. This image of him was so sexy that it gave me butterflies in my tummy the next morning when I thought about it in my car on my way to work.

On Friday I had my plug in again. Yet again we just went to sleep. Something I have noticed during this task is that by Wednesday, I had this weird empty feeling when I have taken the plug out. It was as if my ass was still trying to feel the steel in it. There was even a moment during one of the days that I longed for the plug. Somehow I got so used to the feeling, that I missed it when the plug was out.

I loved this task. Feeling my submission every day. Knowing that I was doing what he expects of me. It makes me feel safe. It makes me feel

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