Ass training continued

On the first night of the second week of my ass training, I was told that I will keep the butt plug in for as long as He wanted it. The plug was inserted the moment I got home from work, but when I went to the bathroom to wash up before we would go to bed, I took the plug out. After I have washed myself, I held the plug under the cold water for quite some time before inserting it again. The coldness of the plug inside me felt good.

Only my collar and my high-heeled sandals were on the bed. He asked me to put my heels on first. I did. This made me almost as tall as He is, but still not quite. I walked towards Him and stood in front of Him. He cupped my breasts, admired them. He slipped His hands over my sides, towards my hips. He pulled me closer and kissed me. Very softly, while His hand found its way to my clitoris. I sighed.

“This is what you want,” He said, “This is what you need.”
I nodded as He dipped His fingers in my wetness. Moments later I was granted permission for my first orgasm. He kissed me again. He found my butt plug and pushed against it. It was a nice feeling, but I liked it even more when He found my clitoris again. I was very horny and felt like the slut that I am with Him when I put my leg on the chair next to us to spread myself wide for Him. He must have thought the same as I did.
“You are such a slut… MY slut. Cum for me.”
I did.

He asked me to turn around for Him to put my collar on my neck. Once the collar was in place He reached around me and touched my clitoris again. I sighed and leaned back against Him, turning my face and looking at Him.
“Don’t look at me,” He said at the same time as I moaned and asked Him if I was allowed to climax. I was. He asked me to sit on the side of the bed and wait for Him to come back from the bathroom. While I waited, I had to put my charms with the rubber bands around my nipples. I did this, then sat with my back straightened, my legs spread and my hands on my knees. Sitting like this made me think of the Story of O, which I recently read.

The door to the bedroom opened behind me. I waited for Him to walk around the bed and to come and stand in front of me, but then I felt Him on the bed behind me. He softly ran His fingers over my back, up to my shoulders, down my arms. He lightly pinched my nipples, careful because of the charms.

“It looks good,” He said.
I smiled and made a sound of agreement.
“You will keep your charms on all night, while you sleep,” He spoke again. I only nodded.
He sat down behind me, His legs on either side of mine. His hands moved down over my tummy and found my clitoris. Soon I was begging Him for permission to climax. At first He denied it. The moment that He allowed it, my orgasm was a fact.

He pulled me backwards. I was on the bed, partly on Him, partly next to Him. He had His fingers buried in my, fucking me with them. Some more orgasms followed. As did some more fingers. I loved to be filled like this and it was even better since I still had my butt plug in place. Whenever my ass is stimulated and I have my huge climax, the feeling of having something in my ass is too much and I want everything out. When I moved my hand down towards my clitoris, He knew that I wanted that huge orgasm.
“Your butt plug stays in!” He said, not missing one movement with His fingers.
I did not care anymore. All I wanted was that huge orgasm. And soon it was mine, tearing at my thighs, contracting my tummy, making my toes tingle.

Moments later, while my legs were still trying to return to a normal feeling again, He told me to sit on top of Him. The plug was still in place. He entered me and as He fucked me, I felt Him pushing against the plug every time He lunged into me. It felt good. It stimulated my ass. It was a new feeling and I liked it. I climaxed one more time before He grunted and pushed into me one last time. I felt His cum hitting my inside walls.

“Should I now keep my charms on for the night?”
“That’s what I said…”

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