The elevator


The taxi dropped her off in front of an impressive building. Standing on the sidewalk she looked up. The height of the building dizzied her. Her eye caught that of a man watching her from a window on the first floor. His gaze made her feel self-conscious. She averted her eyes and pulled at her short skirt, trying to make it longer. Her tight fitted blouse framed her beautiful breasts and the hint of her cleavage complements the roundness even more. When she got dressed this morning she was in a daring mood. Underneath the skirt of which the hem stopped just above her knee, she was wearing only hold-up stockings. She could not help to look up at the window again. The man had disappeared. She shrugged her shoulders, threw her long red hair to the back and walked towards the front door of the office building.

Inside the building almost everything seemed to be of glass. The building had a central atrium that was several storeys high. In fact, only the last two storeys of the building formed the roof of the atrium. On each side of the square atrium was one elevator. She could see people inside the glass elevators as these went up and down to reach the different floors in the building. Realizing that she was staring at everything with her mouth open, she looked around her and walked over to the reception area in the middle of the floor. She told the young man at the reception where she needed to be. It turned out that the person she came to see had an office on the top floor.

When she walked over to the elevator that the young man had pointed her too, she did not notice the man on the first floor watching her. Neither did she notice that he started walking to the same elevator she was heading for. She waited patiently for the elevator to reach the ground level. When the doors opened, she stepped in and looked at the control panel in surprise. There were only four numbers on it: 0 – 1 – 29 – 30. Apparently this elevator only stopped on those floors. She pushed on the button marked ‘30’ and expected to have a smooth ride up. As the elevator started to move she turned away from the door and looked out to the people below her, on the different floors scurrying around between offices and to people in the other elevators. When the elevator stopped on the first floor she did not even bother to turn around.

In milliseconds the scene changed. A sound startled her. Heavy breathing? A zipper? Before she could turn around, a hand covered her mouth. Her body was turned towards one of the sidewalls of the elevator. The sidewall was partly glass, partly wood-paneled. The side of her face was pushed against the wooden part, her eyes turned towards the atrium. Her head was pinned against the wall, the hand still over her mouth. When she turned her eyes, she could still see people on other floors, people in two of the three other elevators. She was pinned tightly in this position even before the elevator started its journey to the 29th floor. Struggling did not help. The man holding her was much stronger than she was.

Her skirt was pulled up in one smooth movement, exposing her bare ass. A knee pushed between her legs, spreading her. The man behind her grabbed her ass, squeezing it, breathing heavily. He lifted her leg with his knee, spreading her even more. Fingers penetrated her. She was wet, ready. Ashamed. Horny. Afraid. Excited. Her pussy throbbed but she was appalled by what was happening, knowing that anyone could see her. Her nipples were hard, begging to be touched. His fingers were replaced by his erect cock, thrusting into her deep and hard, grunting in her ear. She pushed her hips back, inviting him in.

“You. Are. Such. A. Fuck. Slut.”

He hissed each word into her ear with each hard thrust until he spurted his cum deep inside her.

The doors opened on the 29th floor and the man disappeared. She only managed to see part of his face, recognizing him as the man who watched her when she got out of the taxi. The doors started to close and she tugged on her skirt, pulling it down, trying to smooth it. A trickle of wetness ran from her pussy as the bell inside the elevator chimed to inform her that she had reached her destination.

PS: This week prompt for Wank Wednesday was #bell

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