The ambulance

She fainted. She did not hear the screams of women close to her when she disgracefully fell to the floor. She did not see the looks of horror on the faces of those around her. Neither did she notice the looks of interest on the faces of some of the men around her when her blouse opened just enough to reveal her left breast and part of the quarter cup bra she was wearing.

When she came to she was disorientated. The last thing she remembered before fainting was the red and white life buoy she saw in the sea side store. She clearly remembered the words on it “Welcome Aboard”. It seems that she was now in the back of a moving ambulance. She became aware of the oxygen mask on her face. The head rest of the ambulance stretcher she was lying on was slightly elevated. She tried to lift her head to look around her, but it was in restraints, keeping her head in one position. She strained her eyes to look down. When she saw her body, she felt ashamed.

Her blouse was unbuttoned; the skirt she was wearing was cut in half and lying under her. He breasts were kept in place by her quarter cup bra – rounded and proudly pointing upwards. She tried to see her black panties, but she was not wearing them anymore. Her stockings were clearly visible. She tried to move her legs, but they were strapped down too. Before she checked, she knew that she would not be able to move her hands either. She tried to speak, but the oxygen mask deformed the sound to a low noise mumbling.

She moved her eyes to her left. There was only one paramedic in the ambulance with her. He looked at her with a smile. She heard him telling the driver that she was awake. The answer coming from the front of the ambulance was inaudible. She watched in horror as the paramedic stood up. He was not wearing any pants and he had a huge hardon.

He moved towards her feet. He fumbled with her right foot. When he lifted her leg she saw that she had leather cuffs around her ankle. What the hell was going on here, she thought? Her foot was hooked on something on the side wall of the ambulance. She tried to unhook it, but could not. The man laughed, telling her to keep calm and just let it happen? Let what happen, she wondered as he gently stroke her leg from her calf to her inner thigh, stopping just before he touched her pussy. She wriggled her ass, trying to get away from him, but her restrained feet and did not allow her much movement.

Her left foot was untied too. He pulled on her leg, moving her ass closer to the edge of the stretcher. The man bent down, firmly gripping her ankle. She could only see the yellow fabric of his jacket stretching over his rounded back. When the hand on her ankle disappeared and the man straightened up, she tried to move her leg. She could not. Something held it in place – held her legs spread. Yet again he slowly ran his hand up her inner thigh, this time cupping her pussy and squeezing it. As gentle as his touch was on her thighs; just as harsh was he squeezing her pussy. With his other hand he slowly stroked his hard cock. The sinister smile on his face promised nothing good.

Behind the oxygen mask she screamed as he entered her with force. His huge cock easily slipped into her betraying wet cunt, but still she felt as if she was torn apart. He did not wait for her to stop screaming but slammed in and out of her hard. He pushed against her thighs, spreading her legs as far as they were allowed by the restraints. Her ankles hurt. Her thighs hurt. Her pussy hurt. She tried to fight, but it did not help. The restraints on her body prevented her from moving. Faintly she was aware that the ambulance stopped moving. Another man came within eyeshot. He did not even look at her face. Her eyes followed him. He looked down at her breasts. She followed his gaze and was ashamed when she realized that her nipples were hard. With the palm of his hand he brushed over her nipples, making them bounce from side to side.

She tried to shake her head. She tried to fight the feeling in her loins. For the first time the man playing with her nipples looked into her eyes. He sensed the panic.
“You want to climax, little girl?” he snarled.
“No,” she mouthed behind the mask, not making a sound.
“You want to climax, little girl?” he repeated.
“No!” she said, but the sound was muffled by the oxygen mask.
“Oh yes. You do!” he laughed. She screamed as he pinched and pulled at her nipples. He twisted them between his thumb and forefinger, hurting her, exciting her. Tears ran from her eyes. The hurt in her nipples. The not wanting to have an orgasm. The humiliation of the moment. The man laughed as he pulled her nipples once more and twisted them very hard. Her screams as she climaxed, the twisted laughter and the grunts of the man spurting his cum deep inside her filled the space inside the back of the ambulance.

She fainted. She did not notice the movements around her. She did not hear the slamming of doors or the wheels of the stretcher scratching on the gravel road. When she came to she was instantly aware of her surroundings. The oxygen mask was still on her face. She could move her head from side to side. She looked down her body and saw that she was fully dressed. The paramedic standing next to her was a different man from the two she saw earlier. He smiled at her and soothingly told her that they would soon be at the hospital. She closed her eyes.

Her burning nipples and the wetness seeping from her pussy was the only evidence that what happened earlier was not a figment of her imagination.

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